Should You Blog On Cyber Monday 2019?

Cyber Monday blogging.

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You know, what Cyber Monday is right? Let me explain it is a time in the year where you can introduce and present your offers.

The big idea is to boost profits, promote, or you can sell your offer to a large online crowd.

Cyber Monday starts on 2th December 2019.

  • Google trends show a rise between 11th November and 9th December after that you see a decline that starts on 15th December.
Should You Blog On Cyber Monday 2019?

Should you blog on that day?

It depends if you full in sales the handle your customers first because a happy customer is golden.

If you have not made enough sales, then don’t worry, you have time to blog. In this case, continue blogging.

When you blog and you are stuck in sales, you can always split the workload if you are not in that position than be smart and work with your customer’s order first.


Blogging on Cyber Monday is not a usual blogging time because most people are a limited time online, and they are looking for the best sales.

So I advise is to keep it quick and easy.

First, you have to finish the customer’s order, then blog.

If you have no order, then blog after Cyber Monday. When that day is closing, and everybody is going back to their natural day to day routine, you should continue blogging.

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