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Simple Explanations: How To Improve Yours

Simple Explanations

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Hello friends and new followers,

Online simple explanations.

One of the most vital things you must own is to understand words. Not knowing words can confuse the reader while thinking and writing content.

Some words are not smart but tough and hard to understand. Most readers don’t understand what you’re saying and drop out. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the topic.

Understandable words.

When you write content, be sure you use words that are friendly, wise, and worldwide. When you choose words that are tough to read, then you come across as stupid and illogical.

The negative impact when choosing the wrong words to explain concepts is that you miss your target audience, and waste your time.

So stop using tough and highly intellectual words.

Use simple words to explain. 

If you want to carry your message to your reader, then you should choose words that deliver. You can also invest in a grammar checker such as Grammarly.

If you have trouble with words and explaining things, I advise you to read books about branding. The reason why you must invest in branding is that with simple visual tools, you can explain concepts quickly. 

Check out my YouTube video about it.

Use global and generic words.

Generic words are marked and known by many people across the world. One of the positive effects is that you can reach more potential readers, so choosing and learning the meaning of them can cut time in half.

Simple Explanations: How To Improve Yours

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Use video, image, and gif.

WordPress can help you to get your message out! But you have to learn to match and sync your content to it. With graphics, you can deliver your simple explanations.

If your content doesn’t match the visuals and if your references don’t tie up with your content. Then your blog looks like a puzzle, so the reader has to invest their time getting the idea.

Graphics make your content stand out.

If you want to commercialize your business, then you should try looking for one that is budget-friendly. Ad and web banners can help you to commercialize and brand content instantly. You can hire someone that can do the job.

Simple Explanations: How To Improve YoursSimple Explanations: How To Improve Yours


Simple explanation concepts are by choosing the right words – once you get and learn them, then it will help you create smarter messages. Also, contacting a graphic designer can help you further.

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