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6 Best Tips Skills To Level Up Your Entrepreneurship

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6 Best Tips To Level Up Your Entrepreneurship Skills

Hi bloggers and recent followers,

When you want to create a business around your WordPress site, then you need some entrepreneur/marketing skills.

Marketing is about getting your deals into the right market and to the right people. And the market and your target audience (the right people) must have a clear understanding of what you offer them.

You must know that not everybody likes your offer from the start. You have to educate them and show or explain how you can help them.

So it is time to level up your marketing skills for sales – are you ready for it? Let us explore. 

1. Educate yourself with Google.

There are good resources on the internet – some are old that date back 10 years ago. Those are not sufficient and lack vital digital marketing parts.

Google created online teaching about digital marketing, and it covers how they mark websites in their searches. And what you must pay attention to.

I completed almost all courses on Google Workplace, headed over there, and educate.

2. Market trends.

As you learn new things about being a marketer and what it takes to level up.

You have to take into account demographic factors, such as which social networks your target group is on.

But also things such as whether you can adjust the functionality of your site for your target group. And how are your offers and those of your competitors displayed?

3. Spread your offers over the year in sales days.

Do you know what a sales day or season is? Grab yourself a calendar and mark days such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Valentine’s day. You get the idea of that, right?

So you create a promotion around that day but be aware that you have many rivals doing the same, so don’t expect to get results overnight. Marketing, in this case, is a tough battle with your competitors for the right target group.

So keep developing your mindset and your offers.

4. Your unique selling point.

Have you ever thought about what drives users to certain products? Because the competitors offer a service or product that can support them in the life of the customers. So the offer creates added value for their target audience.

What you need to do, is to compare your deals with your rivals and try to deliver better, faster, cheaper, affordable, and accessible services or products.

What I do is create explainer videos for small businesses with high quality. So they can share it with their customers on any device with the intention that they can start their own campaign.

I also add their logo, so it is easier to brand and promote: in other words, start your own video influencer campaign.

5. Learn to promote. (I Use Canva Pro)

Promoting your offers can be done with a compelling design that your target audience may like.

Also, it can spark the interest of new users. It can also boost your traffic because your design is integrated with the offer.

You can tell a story deal faster and communicate directly, do not forget that you can brand with a still image.

6 Best Tips Skills To Level Up Your Entrepreneurship6 Best Tips Skills To Level Up Your Entrepreneurship

I use Canva Pro a whole lot for design jobs, but you don’t need design skills. 

  • Canva or Canva Pro lets you animate.
  • Canva or Canva Pro lets you create videos.
  • Canva Pro gives you access to the background remover.
  • Canva Pro gives you access to millions of premium photos and videos.
  • Canva Pro gives you access to the content planner that can be published directly on your social media pages.

The reason why I and many users use it is that it saves time and it is easy.

6. Time to develop new skills.

Every blogger wants to have a broad reach without the spending part.

The best thing you can do is to develop sales skills such as:

  • How to make a sales pitch.
  • Brand the blog.
  • Present your offers for many.
  • Be creative with your work.
  • Pulling the right people to your blog offers.
  • Management skills.
  • Be clear.
  • Present your offers in an organized way.

There are many things to learn and discover. 

But if you develop yourself on the sales side, it can be helpful to you.


Running a business and being your own boss is good. But you have to know that it is not that easy! You have to level up your entrepreneurship skills to get to the right market.

There are free tools available, so I suggest going with the free ones, such as Learn Digital with Google.

And slowly add Canva to your works – while you learn, you get some new ideas about being an entrepreneur/online marketer.

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6 Best Tips Skills To Level Up Your Entrepreneurship6 Best Tips Skills To Level Up Your Entrepreneurship

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