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Top 5 Creative Skills You Must Have To Blog While Working From Home

Top 5 Creative Skills You Must Have To Blog While Working From Home

Hello friends and new followers,

Working from home stress.

Nearly all countries are heading towards a 2nd or 3rd lockdown. When we go to sleep, our brains receive and digest the lockdown news.

This has a strain on our creative minds. When we wake up to be a positive influencer to others. We can have a headache when creating ideas. 

Although working at home is super, it’s not for everybody. 

Working from home demands that you drive yourself and be a self-starter if you want to make it work.

No one is going to breathe down your neck if you’re not being as productive as you should be. After all, you are your own boss!

So if you’re spending your time scrolling through social media and not getting work done that you should delete and ban them, including your actions.

This can mean less money for you if you don’t complete a project, find enough clients, write enough blog posts, and so on.

Secondly, distractions and procrastination can be hard to resist.

If you have a whole mountain pile of laundry that needs to be done, or your toddler is crying in the second room. 

You just might be tempted to do other things that aren’t work-related if you’re trying to avoid doing a task on your list.

There are 5 creative skills you must develop to overcome them.

  1. Listings/bucket list.
  2. Search topics you like and help you.
  3. Work it out.
  4. Make time to do that.
  5. Go outside, do not stay too long inside.

You can go through the table of contents to guide and steer in the right direction in this blog post. This saves you time when you run a business from home.

1. Listings/bucket list.

Having structure in life will help you organize your household better. Dividing tasks will help you free up time for the day so you can focus on getting new projects.

The way to start your own to-do list:

Summarize a standard day forward.

  • Cleaning your house | Takes 1-2 hours.
  • Groceries | Takes 1 hour.
  • Fitness | Takes 1 hour.
  • Get kids from school | Takes 1 hour
  • Getting knowledge by reading books | Takes 1 hour.
  • Spending time with family | 4 hours.
  • Search content related to your market | Takes 1 hour.

Total hours 10-11 hours. 

I do not spend many hours searching for content, I organize time around my blog writing. Make your own to-do list if you are going to work from home. 

Learn the skill of organizing and listing them in the right order and at the right time.

2. Search topics you like and help you.

In addition to having a listing or schedule, it’s good to get to know which source helps you produce quality content for the reader.

When you want, to get home tasks done while you manage a business. 

You might want to experiment with what the best time is for you.

Searching for topics must be centered around your niche also, I suggest you stick with a content creator that provides you with helpful content.

Podcast source:

For me, the best time is right in the morning after I wake up because I’m more well-rested, and there are fewer distractions around the house. 

About searching for topics, I learn and read books about management, marketing, sales, business, fitness, travel, and history topics. 

When it comes down to believing there is one book, I recommend being a legit source of information that is the bible.

3. Work it out.

To be more productive when you work from home. You must learn to block unwanted visitors that cannot help you to work it out. Blocking useless things keeps your focus times short, so you do not waste time.

To work it out, take 1 task and give yourself a deadline to finish it in a set amount of time, such as 40 or 55 minutes.

Once you finished that task, do not go to the next task, but take a small break as a reward for a job well done, and then move on again until you complete another task. 

Treat your home job just like a desk job if you worked for someone else, this means taking your lunch break as well as coffee break even if they aren’t paid.

Taking breaks is helpful for both your mental health and physical health. 

Because it gives you time to take your mind off of work so you can avoid burnout. 

And standing upright will help your posture and keep your blood flowing in your body if you’re always sitting down.

So make yourself a healthy lunch as well as take walks in the house during the day because it’ll help keep you staying productive when you’re actually working.

4. Make time to do that. (skip the PJs)

When you plan and make time to produce an idea, then you need to unlearn lazy habits.

If you are working from home, you might think that it does not matter what you wear. 

Wearing PJs when you’re working at your business can cause you to be less productive and lazier.

Also, PJs make feel you sleepy and non-productive mode.

Instead of wearing PJs, wear clothes that you would normally wear to work because it can help put you in work mode. You can also create a workspace with a clean desk.

5. Go outside, do not stay too long inside.

When you work at home, you may feel jailed and boxed in. To fight this, then I suggest getting out of the house periodically. 

Try your best to take walks during the day, go to the gym, or run errands before or after work.

You can also change things up and work at a cafe to switch up your environment.


Working from home is not the same as being at home. Working from home is a creative and smart way to produce daily home tasks.

Ok, ok, it is a fact that the COVID-19 mess turns into a worldwide shutdown and a loss of office jobs.

It is vital to know how to manage your time while working from home.

Use my 5 tips to prepare yourself when you work from home.

  1. Listings/bucket list.
  2. Search topics you like and help you.
  3. Work it out.
  4. Make time to do that. (skip the PJs)
  5. Go outside, do not stay too long inside.

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  1. Good one ! Trello is a good app where to-do tasks can be created and later on can be moved to next stages until done. Try it out !

  2. Thank you! The app you mentioned is a good one, I use the built-in WordPress schedular.

  3. Ohh, I never tried that. Thanks for sharing !

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