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Starting Your Blog With Social Media? What To Pay Attention To!

starting a blog with social media

Hi bloggers and recent followers,

Starting a blog with your media channels is a long road. You grew weary of that time-consuming task.

Sometimes you think that it is not worth it.

There are some things you should avoid and some things you can try out.

But with social media, you must think twice about uploading to the web. In this blog post, you will get tips – and tricks about what you can do with social media.

What you publish online stays online.

Did you hear this phrase before? It is all about what you publish and share. You should know your audience before posting something.

When posting something offensive, you may come across as an aggressive creator. You better stick to the original, slowly pump up and mix it up.

Do not forget that you should learn about social media, not all of it only, the vital parts.

So check if you can plan ahead with your choice of social media.

Are your potential followers on the same social media?

To know more about social media, you can read and follow bloggers. Another thing that you can do is read guides. If you post content where your followers are not active, then you waste a lot of time.

Starting Your Blog With Social Media? What To Pay Attention To!

You can find publishing times that you can try out for your media channel.

Starting Your Blog With Social Media? What To Pay Attention To!

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You are smart to take social networks seriously.

To get an idea of what social network got to offer your business.

You should check out the stats first, the reason why you must check the stats first is that you are fully aware of the social media decline and trends.

This means that you can respond much better to changing demand and needs than your competitors in the same market.

What to pay attention to? and starting up.

  • Engaging content.
  • Impression images and videos.
  • Strong refers.
  • Your writing tone.
  • Rich content, not only words, but make your account complete, such as captions, hashtags, and bio.
  • Add a podcast where you can do it.
  • Work with well-known social media tools.
  • Make sharing easy.

Go in-depth once in a while. The goal is that you become a legit source. You can also check out this blogger.

Automate social sharing within WordPress.

Do you know how to automate social sharing? Follow the image to get started.

1. Go to marketing tools in your dashboard.

2. Go to the Connections tab.

3. Click Connect to your social media channel.  

4. That’s it.

Visit the WordPress 👉 article.

Automated sharing

Connections tab

Automated sharing example in WordPress

Sharing options.

All WordPress sites have these options, but you have to set them up first.

You can reorder and change the shared text. When enabling, that will help you to distribute your content faster and to a larger crowd.

Ultimately you depend on your followers and other people who are willing to see your work as fun and unique to share.

  1. Go to marketing tools.
  2. Go to sharing tools tab.
  3. Drag and drop to order the sharing buttons.
  4. Choose between icons or buttons.
  5. Change the sharing text or leave it.
  6. Preview and review it.
  7. Save.
How to add a social share to your blog post.

How to set up and direct users to your social media page on your homepage. 

  1. Go to the Appearance tab in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to the link tab.
  3. Copy and paste your social media URLs.
  4. Choose the size.
  5. Save.

It may look different than mine don’t worry go to the WordPress support articles.


Adding social media to your WordPress site is an easy step to make. But they require time to configure it. 

You don’t have to install any plugins for it. Once you know where to look, you can simply return and change the way you want.

The reason why site owners use their homepage with their social media pages. It helps with rich content, SEO, and to keep viewers’ attention. 

Did I forget anything? Leave a comment. 

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Thank you.

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