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What Not To Blog Ever – Stop This 1 Now

not to blog

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Hello friends,

Not to blog when you doubt.

The reason why you can’t think of a story to fill your blog – is that: you are filled with wrong and depressing words. You are not bad, but the things we watch on TV, the internet, and social media is bad. 

Before you create a story, you must block all the wrongdoings we see and the criminal influence of famous people. That can help you with getting good ideas.

Not to blog about false facts.

We live in a world where everything is upside down and messed up. 

Therefore, it’s vital to know some stable facts to stay straight in your mind. 

Don’t get involved with endless debates or discussions that do not build up and are completely useless.

Wrong = wrong | straight = straight.

When you decide to write a blog, then you must stay on the right path. 

Don’t mix your blog with the wrong – content that can mislead your readers or customers. 

Indicate how you solve problems and obstacles in the form of proven studies or from your own experiences. 

Don’t be limited by the number of followers and likes of your own blog and those of others.

Look forward and not backward. 

Some bloggers such: as me are always on the lookout for new opportunities. 

I receive several emails daily about deals or some kind of partnership.

Sometimes I mail them back, but they don’t respond to my sent emails. 

So I give them a week to respond after that, I don’t it seriously because I don’t waste time on doubters.

Be a positive influence (always).

Don’t write too much about problems – write about stuff that stimulates and motivates others to reach a new milestone for themselves. 

Also, don’t forget the importance of achieving and developing your skills.

When you blog, then be sure to improve yourself and show your progress.

That can be:

  • Your nominations.
  • Your received awards.
  • Testimonials.
  • Offers (paid and free).
  • Brands that you work with.
  • Any contact details.
  • Your learned skills and talents.


When we face blogging issues, we must take a step back and trace where it started. 

Clearing up any doubts in your thinking before you create a blog post and decide to publish it – will help you write sounder and stabler content for the reader.

Switching off and blocking time-consuming stuff can help you to clear your mind. 

Also, avoid endless debates and meaningless conversations because they consume your life’s energy. 

Before you blog, think of good times and future benefits. Don’t forget to stick to the straight path. If you do that you will succeed also take my not to blog seriously.

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