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The 3 Blog Types To Start Your Blog Right

The 3 Blog Types To Start Your Blog Right
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3 blog types

Let’s start with the beginning of blogging. And the reason why you write is also the effectiveness of your messages.

There are 3 types of blog

  1. 90-100%% dedication, master in goal setting, master in creativity, active blog feed, trying to deliver quality messages, master in creating new content, and much effort super serious blogger. (good)
  2. 50-60% dedication, still learning the basics and essentials of blogging (that’s a good thing) average effort but a serious blogger. (average)
  3. 10-20% dedication, not serious at all, no catchy topics, no goals, minimal effort, childish topics, all kinds of blogging mistakes, and only typos. (bad)


You guess it right! The way others approach your blog is depended on your blog layout and writing style.

1) Bad blogs

If you are not willing to put the necessary effort into developing a writing style, your blog ends up with 0.0% interactions.

2) Average blogs

If your skills need some work then don’t worry, by identifying your mistakes, you can easily learn from them. (hang in there) Just continue to develop, you will get it!

3) Good blogs

You should aim for Good Blogging as you have mastered most blogging skills, and you have learned to blog the right way.

With your good to a near-perfect blog post, which can deliver a great viral message with impact opportunities.

With the use of social networking, your blog post can easily spark the attention of others, and in turn, you can see a rise in search traffic.

Why do you write?

This can be a challenge, the first thing I do is to have a solid topic based on some keywords that everyone is looking for when searching for content.

You write because you want to deliver, a strong and positive message to others.

It can be a hurdle but crucial because finally, you want a successful blog post.

So choose a thoughtful topic and create new related content and stick to it.

Effective messages

To create a positive message for others, you must be able to write clearly and convincingly.

Make sure that you can empathize with others and adjust your writing skills so that you are in line with your target group.

In turn, they understand your point of view in this way you build the response time and the responsiveness of your messages.

If you struggle with grammar then use Grammarly. It helps you to correct grammar mistakes.

Grammarly writing score
Grammarly writing score
Grammarly reading score
Grammarly reading score

Learn more about writing in this blog post 6 Writing styles that rock!


There are 3 blog types and one is better than the other. There are plenty of development possibilities but that depends on your effort.

Blogging can list stuff also add art and summarize things, remember that the whole process spins around transferring your story.

What blog type are you? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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