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Commenting Strong What Are The Do’s And Don’ts 2 Tips


Hi blogger,

Commenting basics

The reason why bloggers will comment depends on the piece of content you create for the reader. Commenting on a blog post demands:

  1. Guts.
  2. Have the nerve to talk back.

If you comment a whole lot or going to, then you need to know some essential commenting ethics. 

The reason why you should comment is that it can be beneficial for your content. Getting ideas about a text can solve a public barrier.

Discussing it in the comments can shape your future writings.

There are essential parts you must utilize when you consider commenting. 

Train to comment.


  • Positive comments.
  • Uplifting comments.
  • Honest comments.
  • Apologize.
  • Clarify actions.
  • Helpful comments.
  • Motivating comments.
  • Respectful and kind words.

As time goes by and you train to comment, you will learn new words.

Unlearn bad habits comments. 

Do not:

  • Fall in love, comment.
  • Hit on women.
  • Hit on men.
  • Beg.
  • Long and not-to-the-point comments.
  • Curses and insulting words in comments.
  • Negative words.
  • Put links in the comment.


When you consider commenting, then keep in mind the regular ethics. It is good to have quality comments because of the openness of search engines.

Comments can increase your link-building rank, skillful status, PageRank standing, and much more SEO-related searches.

If you are going to comment, then you must first learn and train words with ethics. 

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4 thoughts on “Commenting Strong What Are The Do’s And Don’ts 2 Tips

  1. Learning basic commenting etiquette is something that everyone online should learn.

  2. Oh yes. The fallen-in-love commenters…
    They make for the most awkward reads indeed. Don’t. Just don’t.

  3. You got it right those comments are the most awkward ones.

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