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6 Tips To Maintain Your Blog

6 tips to maintain

Hello friends,

Maintain your blog where to begin.

It is a fact that blogging is fun, but keeping it up is, for – many of us, a struggle. The common issue is that bloggers want to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to you can automate content that saves you time.

There are 6 tips most bloggers use to maintain their blogs.

Table of contents.

Tip 1. Draft.

Do you know what a draft is and how you can use it for your blog? A draft is a blog post that is not ready for publishing on your blog.

In other words, you keep it on hold so you can modify or add/remove lines to your content. When the content is ready for publishing, then you can share it with your reading community. 

Tip 2. Reusable block.

With Gutenberg for WordPress, you can save content and place it wherever you want.

The reusable block is basically a content management system for your blog.

So you can do more in less time. You can find lots of tutorials about it on YouTube.

In your WordPress marketing – social connections (admin) panel, you can set it up. Once you learn how to do it, you can save time and focus on other things.

Simply connect your favorite social media services – your blog post will automatically appear on the connected social media page.

WordPress social connections

WordPress social connections

Tip 4. Guest blog.

6 Tips To Maintain Your Blog

Accepting a guest blog for your blog can be beneficial for your community. Guest bloggers can provide you with tips – and that bring your blog to life.

You have to set rules and guides that make it easier if someone wants to guest blog.

When someone is ready for a guest blog, refer to the rules for a guest post, and give a few examples so that the guest blogger gets started.

Tip 5. Recent blog post free widget (no plugins).

Do you know that WordPress provides free widgets? I use that on my homepage on the side.

It is: called the recent and top pages widget – it can direct the reader to your post in an organized matter.

screenshot-site-header and sidebar! Click here to see it in full size.

Tip 6. Podcast only available with a premium WordPress or business account.

If you want to add a podcast to your blog, you must know then you must upgrade it to a premium WordPress account. With a free account, you cannot create it.

The podcast trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, their popularity continues to increase. So, if you’re thinking about beginning your own podcast, there’s never been a better time.

Some people don’t like to read but want to listen to your story. It is a great way to direct and spark the interest of listeners and readers.

Click to upgrade 👇👇👇👇.

6 Tips To Maintain Your Blog

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  1. Nice one ! I liked the idea of reusable block, will try it. Have you created your blog podcast ?

  2. Thanks! I don’t have created a podcast, I do a lot of video creations that suit me more.

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