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Top 5 Content Writing Styles That Deliver

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Hello friends and new followers,

What is your content writing style?

Are you struggling with picking a writing style that matches the reader, and you?

If that is the case, you might be unaware of writing styles and the idea behind its options. 

The internet moves fast, and you probably have an old-fashioned writing style.

There are five content writing styles that influential bloggers use which carry the message. I will cover them and their purpose.

  1. Humanistic writing style.
  2. Short writing style.
  3. Educational writing style.
  4. Solution writing style.
  5. Informative writing style.

1. Humanistic writing style.

The plan is to be true to others and get real words with content creation. So this means that you have to learn words and develop them.

What you have to pay attention to is the tone of your words such as:

  • Empathy tone level.
  • Sympathy tone level.
  • Friendly tone level.
  • Clarity tone level.
  • Engagement tone level.

💡 The idea of this writing style is to motivate and inspire others, also have real and optimistic conversations with your community.

2. Short writing style.

Writing short can be time-consuming, but it’s good training. You might be wondering, why is short writing good?

That will help you summarize words and create intelligent and smart phrases.

💡 The idea is to tell a story with fewer words and have to tell a compact story. Also, some people don’t have the time to read your entire blog post.

So you have to keep your story short once in a while. 

3. Educational writing style.

Although there is a discussion about the education level of the reader and if it’s necessary to use it.

Depend on how you inform the reader and how you approach them.

If you are going to use this writing style, you have to know a bit about organizing and layouts. 

💡 This content writing style is to compare products, solutions, benefits, or offers.

Below you see my explainer video that shows how I explain stuff. 👇

4. Solution writing.

To turn ideas into realistic concepts and practical stuff, you have to know how you present a common problem.

And present how you solve that problem with offers, writing, etc.

I do it with my explainer videos but, you get the idea where you must go for the fix.

💡 Solution writing is a skill you have to learn, and in due time you will receive its benefits.

5. Informative writing style.

Do not get confused with detailed writing. Informative means exactly what it means that is: inform readers.

You can do it by linking to your past-related blog post. So you don’t have to tell a message twice or for the third time. 

💡 The idea is to keep your story short and to create a smarter blog post.

Also, it helps you to summarize the content, and that allows you to be sharp, legit, fast, and fair.

Below is how I create a message short and fast. (1 – 2 minutes)


Learning new content writing styles that deliver, demands that you know about them.

Explaining concepts is the first step in learning new writings. Explaining pushes your mind to think ahead creatively.

What I do is to read or follow related blog posts and rewrite them.

If you don’t know where to start, then follow this blog and learn from my content writing style.

Did I forget anything? Don’t be a stranger, and let me know your tip.

Do not forget to like it, comment, or share this with your friends.

To get informed of my blog tips, then you should follow this blog today. 

Thank you.

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