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Top 5 Most Wanted Blogging Crimes

Top 5 Most Wanted Blogging Crimes

Catch, stop, and arrest blogging crimes.

Your task as a blog owner is to stay on guard and avoid the common crimes in blogging.

Usually, when you’re done with one blog, you go to the other one.

You and I have to stay on alert that mistakes don’t happen again.

Mistakes or blog blunders can always creep in.

Catching mistakes and stopping them will improve your blog end results.

The 5 most wanted blogging crimes:

1). Not related images
2). Copied text
3). Broken links
4). Using too long and unknown phrases
5). A blog post that has no point

Let’s catch and arrest blogging crimes together.

1). Not related images

Once you have set your view online and have a great story be combat-ready to write a lot of emails.

It is time to get images and connect them to the reader.

Grabbing the attention of the reader allows, them to quickly scan your blog so, the reader does not have to read your whole blog post.

The plan of linking images to the reader is to motivate them to go in action such as likes, followers, interactions, sales goals, or views.

The blogging crime: using downloadable images that are ranked by search engines. Bloggers use those images to re-rank it with blogging.

Only new content can be ranked by search engines.

2). Copied text

A copied text is clearly not good to use. Because of the online reviews, the content has on other websites.

Your opponent has a firm domain authority and is likely a business leader in its market.

In other words, copied content is ranked by search engines, copying text is wrong because the data is marked to another spot in search engines.

The blogging crime: using marked content in your blog, not using your own creative content.

Top 5 Most Wanted Blogging Crimes

Source: Giphy.

3). Broken links

Having broken links in your blog can limit your link-building strategy because you direct the reader to the wrong information.

If your blog gets marked, you can be excluded or banned from search engines. Do not worry most site promotes a fit lifestyle, or funny stuff, also bizarre but entertaining content are permitted.

You still have to check the reference links if that still works.

The blogging crime: using outdated links or referring to old-fashioned articles.

4). Using too long and unknown phrases

There are tons of research done about the influence of writing and the end results.

The main thing about blogging is not writing a story but delivering a compelling message.

That message must speak to their own minds because that is valuable and costly.

The blogging crime: using more words and returned terms that do not relate to the public.

5). Blogging with no point.

Every blogger has to face competition from their market, trying to win a losing game.

The reason why many bloggers drop out is that they have no writing strategy or tactics for their blog.

Not understanding your target audience, not having a writer’s voice, and no confidence in your own writing. The end is that the writing is all over the place.

Using social media, reblog tool keyword finders, outbound grammar checkers are tactics you can use for free, or they offer a paid version of it.

In other words, blog tactics can change your endgame if not, then your blog is not useful.

Blogging crime: having no writing strategy or blog tactic.

Development tips.


Detecting and stopping blog crimes is not an easy job. You must be trained and equipped to locate the blog crimes because they always sneak in.

Be on your blog duty and be prepared to arrest blogging crimes.

Note, it requires a lot of time, and effort but you can detect them easily. (With the help of my 5 blogging crimes tips!)

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