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Utilizing Instagram’s New Features to Increase Reach 

Written by Margie from get plus followers

Utilizing Instagram's

Instagram is a solid social media network to help you increase your reach with your target audience.

From the pictures and videos, you have dynamic visuals to help you create more intriguing content.

Here are some ways Instagram’s new features can help you widen your audience. 

Utilizing Instagram’s Stories Stickers

Whether the topic is finding coworking spaces or the best ingredients to use for soup, Instagram stories stickers can increase your engagement.

You can write a question, and people can respond in the box. You can post their answers and help get more out of your Instagram stories.

If you’re trying to get feedback on your products, you can ask people their opinions about your offer.

Also, ask them about specific things they want to see from your brand. It’ll increase your brand engagement and give you ideas on how to move forward with your business. 

When you listen to your audience, it’ll help you increase your leads and sales.

Also, you have a way of grabbing their attention and making them feel a part of your brand. Use the IG Stories sticker feature to help you bridge the gap between you and your following.  

Save Your IG Live Posts

Some people don’t have the time to spend an hour or so on your feed when you go live on Instagram.

They may miss topics that you discuss and want to refer back to them at a later date. The best thing you can do is post it in your IGTV section.

You can make a short story and even encourage people to send themselves a notification on their phones. It’ll help them get ready for the next time you’re on Instagram live.

When you save your posts, it increases engagement. 

You’ll have more comments and more chances to respond to like-minded people.

Also, you can begin to see what posts get the most traction and how people view your content. 

Create a Schedule That Reach

You can get creative with how you post consistently on Instagram. If you’re doing an interview-style series on Instagram, you can post the person you will talk to on Monday.

Maybe you can even get a few video clips of their music or a few words from them. 

On Wednesday, you can reiterate with a biography and links to their profiles. 

Thursday, you can go live and do some promotions and ask people what they want to know about the artist. 

Friday, you can do the interview and make it an event where people have their favorite drink during happy hour and get some of their questions answered. Not to mention, you can have people write questions live on the chat. 

Posting Instagram Reels

You can start creating Instagram reels, which can advertise your content. Maybe you have a contest and use a big brand to sponsor it.

You can summarize what you’re doing and then have all of the information in the caption section. 

Also, you can tag the brands, which gives them more traffic by default.

Reels get more attention on Instagram due to the algorithm favoring the content with the most interaction. You can cross-post these things on different social media networks. 

You’ll create a more well-known Instagram profile by having consistent video, photo, and written content.

Utilize Instagram’s features to help you build a strong following on your social media networks. 

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Utilizing Instagram's New Features to Increase Reach 

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