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7 Ways To Spot Writing Blunders And 10 Ways To Prevent Them

7 Ways To Spot Writing Blunders And 10 Ways To Prevent Them

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Ways To Spot Writing Blunders

Writing with zero errors is not always feasible. But there are still small blunders that can be easily fixed.

Most bloggers intend to look at the big blunders that are not simple to repair.

So what are the best ways to spot writing blunders? And what are the best ways to prevent them?

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Spot the 7 common writing blunders.

  1. Don’t correct typing errors.
  2. Unwilling to learn from your own mistakes.
  3. Too many links.
  4. Not proofreading your writing.
  5. Using old fashion words.
  6. Stack up words.
  7. Using wordy words. Wordy means the use of more words in one phrase.

10 Ways to prevent writing blunders.

You can fuel your blog with content writing techniques to avoid writing slips.

  1. Sharpen your writing skills with useful free-to-use guidelines.
  2. Organize your text for the reader.
  3. Know your topic first before you publish it.
  4. Discover your writing voice because that makes you convinced in writing.
  5. Re-check your past slips and learn why it was a mistake.
  6. Get knowledge about writing styles.
  7. Get smart with writing and use catchwords, slogans, and keywords.
  8. Follow blogs that encourage good writing.
  9. Blog short.
  10. Story tell your research.


Striving to write flawless is always a challenge. You should start repairing the smallest blunders, and then you should progress to the next writing error.

When you take the necessary steps of repairing blunders and learning why that was a blunder, in time, you will avoid the most common writing mistakes.

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Grammarly writing score
Grammarly writing score
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Grammarly reading score

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