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Social Media Publishing Times. What Is The Best Time To Publish?

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 Social media Publish times

With the amount of work that you put into your social media content and regular posts, it is important to know that you are putting them out there at a time when they are most likely to be seen. 

Just as you wouldn’t want to be selling snow equipment in the middle of summer neither should you want to waste your time when you could be making better use of it. Instead, you want to increase social media engagement

This article is designed to help you work out the optimum times to post content for your business. Let’s get started. 

Best Overall Times For Each Social Media Platform

If you are starting out in the social media world then we have some general times at which you can post your media to reach the most people. After a careful study of several platforms, these are the recommended times that you should be aware of…


  • Anytime between 8am and 12pm (PST) on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


  • Specifically at about 11am (PST) on Wednesday.


  • At about 8am (PST) on both Mondays and Thursdays


  • Usually at 9am (PST) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

This information is very generalized however and cannot be relied on everywhere. It also does not take into account the differences in demographics and types of clients based on what kind of business or account you run. 

Therefore, it can be a great starting point for beginners but to get the absolute ultimate timings for your social media, we have to dig a bit deeper. 

The Best Specific Time For Your Target Audience

You may be surprised to find that the times when there are the most people online do not necessarily correspond with the best times to post on social media relating to your business. The best time you can actually post is the time when most of your followers are online. 

But how can you possibly know when they are all online?

This is where it gets a bit tricky. Although general research can give you some good times to post your media, the only true way to find the ideal time for your account is to track your social media data, review your engagement and view history and see what kind of interactions you are getting from your followers. 

There are certain tools you can download to help you with this but sometimes it is just simpler to have an expert manage the data influx for you and work out the ideal time by comparing the results. 

Test Out The Waters

Even without thorough research and statistical evaluations you can try it out a few different times and see how many views, likes, or comments you receive as a result. It is important to remember that what might work for one business may not be as effective for another.

This is why testing out social media productivity is a great idea. If you are wanting to start searching for some ideal times to post on your social media, a good place to start could be at lunchtime when people take their breaks or in the evening when people just get home from work. 

People often use social media as an escape from their daily routine which is why many might have a look during their lunch break or try to catch up on anything that they might have missed after a long day. Another possible option is just before people go to work. 

You should also check out the likely location of your target audience and see what time zone they are in. If you are in EST and they are in PST then you might need to make some adjustments.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Publishing Times. What Is The Best Time To Publish?

  1. Thank you for these tips! I was wondering about the posting times regarding both the algorithm and my target market. My readers log on Sun-Wed, so I try and post to WordPress those days, and make revisions the other days.

  2. Hi Jen,

    I do the same I blog Monday – Thursday and fix + check on Friday my Google Search Console. And plan my social media content with a content planner for the upcoming week and month.

    Thanks for your comment.

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