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What To Avoid While Blogging – 13 Do And 14 Don’ts

What To Avoid While Blogging

What To Avoid While Blogging?

Occasionally you spend so much time in a blog post, and you think, I’ve written the very best blog ever.

You get at most some views after that comes the reality and suddenly you are very disappointed. (again).

Don’t worry about that because this blog and many other bloggers offer hope in blogging.

A lot has been written, around guidelines for bloggers I hope that you have firm roots in it. More blog tips? → The Art Of Blogging

Don’t do this

  1. Typing errors.
  2. Too many phrases that are not fun.
  3. Not be original in your blog post.
  4. 100% copied your text.
  5. Too long texts.
  6. No capital letters, title text not unique enough, and no text without follow-up messages.
  7. Overloading your readers with your mail.
  8. No bullet list and no numbering.
  9. Want to be the teacher and not the student.
  10. Not using social media and not using the option to add media from WordPress.
  11. No offer and no service, therefore, offer nothing.
  12. Living on Facebook.
  13. You do not support other bloggers so you do not like, follow or post a comment.

Do this

  1. Write with clarity.
  2. Correctness for the foremost public.
  3. Being humble and thankful.
  4. Test links.
  5. New content, not old fashioned ones.
  6. Support other bloggers.
  7. Straightforward and direct blogging.
  8. Give always the truth.
  9. Get into the topic yourself.
  10. A blog post that helps others in your market, not selfish ones.
  11. Be creative with content and try out new things.
  12. Know who you follow by reading their about page.
  13. Reach out to them for guest blogging.
  14. Mention your skills and what you have learned.


You are smart to follow the above tips. With that, you are already growing.

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of blogging, makes you become a more solid blogger. You can learn much quicker what to avoid while blogging.

Publish quicker by discovering the best practice for your blog.

Correcting and policing is crucial as you want every blog post to attract a valid audience of unique readers.

That helps you dodge flops.

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