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When Creating Videos Is Your Thing | 25% OFF On Al InVideo Plans

Disclosure: I earn a commission from Invideo if you use my referral link to go for Invideo Pro at no added cost to you. Thanks for your support. 

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Videos are hot

If you are wondering how to make sales videos, then you must take a look at

Many use it as a starting point Invideo has an easy drag and drop layout, so you can start immediately. 

Here are some videos I created with Invideo to commercialize my business read here.

You know that stock footage can be an absolute lifesaver for your video projects, saving you tons of time, money, and effort, enabling you to create visually stunning content.

Get 25% OFF on all InVideo plans!

Students get HUGE discounts on the InVideo package!

But let’s face it. Finding high-quality stock footage for FREE can be super frustrating and time-consuming- not to mention the hidden usage rights that these video clips can come with that can pose a threat to your videos.

To begin creating a video can be done with a stock image or stock videos. (do not forget to credit the creator).




These are the steps I take when making a video with Invideo.

Follow these steps with this Invideo tutorial. Watch, enjoy, comment, subscribe, and like.

Below is the final video product 👇.

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When Creating Videos Is Your Thing | 25% OFF On Al InVideo Plans

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