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Why And You Need A Blog Process – 6 Smart Tips


Before publishing

Before you even begin to blog, first find out the flow of blogging. Second, you must know how you look at your data and analytics for fine-tuning your next blog post.

Having a blog process can reduce your trials and errors. Instead, a blog process will guide your blog to reach its target.

The flip side of a blog process is that it loops and that can make you feel stuck in blogging.

A process means a day-to-day routine of how you can approach certain things.

My blog process consists of 6 smart follow-up steps for making useful content.

  1. Discover
  2. Set goals
  3. Strategy choosing
  4. Content creation
  5. Correcting and publishing
  6. Judge results

Let’s dive straight into the smart steps.

1). Discover

In this phase, you are looking for the good stuff, inspiration, motivational, or helpful content.

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2). Set Goals

Goal settings are one of the challenging parts when you are not sure about your blog’s purpose.

To determine your goals, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you aiming for?
  • What is the target audience interested in?
  • Where are your readers located?
  • Does your publishing match their time zone?

3). Strategy choosing

Content marketing comes with a wide range of marketing and business tactics.

Grasping those theories and joining them in your blog can help in search traffic, more actions, greater statics, and request for guest blogging plus you are further driven to write.

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4). Content creating

Content creating means outfitting your relevant links and all your associated knowledge into your blog post.

Each blog post must contain useful information for the reader.

If you are selfish in your blog post and only show things that are not relevant, you will not have an effective outcome.

Why And You Need A Blog Process - 6 Smart Tips

5). Correcting and publishing

You are almost ready for publishing but before you press the publish button.

You have to do a correcting job on that blog post if it’s free of errors and blunders.

Test if your links are working also check if the information is related to your message finally study if your sentences are running smoothly and without many typos.

6). Judge the results

Your story is immediately online when you push the publish button.

Now it’s time to get into the statistics of your blog. If you want to have an active blog and maintain that.

Then you have to know something about your blog data. How come some blog performs better than other ones.

  • Perhaps you need to learn more about writing styles.
  • Maybe you have many typos.
  • Maybe your sentences are too long.
  • It can be that your text is too difficult for the target audience.
  • The story is not relevant, your title is boring or your message ain’t bright.

management skills


Blogging smart begins with a blog process. A blog process assists bloggers in reaching their goals. It takes a lot of attempts to write efficiently without a blog process.

When you master the process then it becomes easy to spot errors and prevent general blunders.

The end result is a stable foundational, trustworthy source, and reliable blog post.

What is your blog process? Let me know in the comments.

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