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How To Create A YouTube Channel For Your Business – 5 Top Tips

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How To Create A YouTube Channel For Your Business - 5 Top Tips

Do you want to know how your Youtube Channel can be a part of your online business strategy? Before you create a YouTube Channel for your business, you must know the numbers and statistics.

Let’s get into the facts with YouTube numbers and points.

YouTube is a large outlet with 2 billion monthly users that logins. And they are in 100+ countries, and YouTube supports 80 languages.

There are 500+ hours of content uploaded every minute.

Source: YouTube for Press.

It is advisable and wise to know how to run your channel for your online business. Look at it this way you can reach more people and maybe interested people – across the world. It can grow your online exposure for your business.

Let us start setting up your YouTube channel for business.

How to Create A YouTube Channel Business Account?

  1. Sign in to an existing Google account, or create a new, devoted account, especially for your YouTube business channel.
  2. Visit the homepage of YouTube and set up your business channel name
  3. Fill out extra details for your business account.
  4. Set up your channel icon and artwork.
  5. Fill out your channel description.
  6. Set up featured channels and activities.
  7. You are ready to start uploading content!

Before you get started on YouTube, you must need a Google account.

You can choose to create a new account for your YouTube business channel or use an existing personal account.

Making a new login is often perfect – as you do not have to fear safety topics linked to your personal Gmail. 

This is also an okay idea if you share the account with others. Yet, the pick is up to you.

Create a YouTube business channel.

To create your business channel you have to think twice and what you will do with it. My advice is to treat it professionally with a well-thought-out name. (this method can be old)

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Your Business - 5 Top Tips

Creating a YouTube business cover.

A cover informs the viewer what you do and what your business is about. The most popular tool is Canva, with that tool you can create pro-looking banners that reflect your business.

Get the perfect YouTube banner size click here.

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Here is mine👇.

YouTube-channel-banner by Dropner Explainers

How do, I create the perfect YouTube business banner?


If you want to personalize and have complete control of it, and if you want to change quickly, I suggest that you go for Canva Pro.

How do, I create a business video for my Youtube Channel?


Most videos are made with InVideo because you have control over the video and is user-friendly and advanced. Yes, you can use theirs or other video software to create videos. (Canva has a video editor)

What can I do to rank my YouTube videos?


Try TubeBuddy. Learn how to use it and watch some tutorials about it.

I want to outsource it but, can you make it fit for Google, Social Media, and Mobile?

Yes, outsourcing is great because you don’t have to struggle with it, and it saves you time. If you are ready contact me.

Brand and monetize your YouTube Channel

First, you need to create a trailer that explains your page and what your audience can expect from you. This is a part of an online strategy that businesses use to grow their membership/subscription and educate their viewer.

In the video below you can learn how to do it yourself and it’s not hard to learn or find.

If you successfully got a YouTube trailer then you must have a watermark for your videos. That is a requirement for YouTube branding and it helps to protect your brand.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Your Business - 5 Top Tips

Once you create and launch a video, you want to add a thumbnail to explain the video faster. This way, you have the explanations in your care this is a common YouTube tactic. See the image below for extra information.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Your Business - 5 Top Tips

Now it’s time to place cards and end screen to grow viewers count and memberships. Cards are information pop-ups that suggest watching more videos or subscribing to the YouTube publisher.

It’s best to space them out over your timeline to give the viewer a chance to click them before it’s going away, to take place for a new one. If your cards are in the same timeline it won’t show up.

Placing YouTube Cards

YouTube end screen

When are you eligible to earn on YouTube?

As you know earning through YouTube is not that easy. You have to reach their requirements, so they can pay you with the revenue model that you can earn on YouTube.


Creating a YouTube account to post content is fun, but when you are done watching the content of other successful YouTubers. And you want to create one you feel, that you lack originality and insights. It helps when you know the path or somebody gives you clear directions. So you know how to approach it.