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YouTube SEO Basics Defining Your YouTube | 6 Easy Tips

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Introduction to YouTube SEO

It’s fun to have visitors from other sources like YouTube. It is known that YouTube SEO has a whole lot of watch hours and uploads every day, month, and year.

You miss out on readers and visitors if you don’t use social media to your advantage. In the coming years, it’s crucial to use social media as a promotional tool for your blog, website, or webshop.

There are 6 standard YouTube SEO methods you must apply when you create content.

Let us explore the content creation tools.

1. Add a cover profile.

Some digital marketers say that it is vital to have a cover profile that matches the content. You give the best information to the viewer upfront.

With a cover, your content has a 25% greater click-through rate.

Without one, you may confuse the viewer, and in the end, the viewer may skip your content. 

I skip content on social media that has no cover, and it is not clear to me.

I change covers a whole lot to keep it exciting for the viewer.

2. Use your own watermark.

When it comes down to branding your content, then you must know what a watermark is. It is a mark in the bottom right corner that makes you subscribe to the channel while watching the video directly. 

The ideal ratio of a YouTube SEO watermark is 150px by 150 px PNG or GIF file.

The YouTube SEO guidelines for a watermark are easy to follow.

3. Use cards.

One of the best things you can do is add a card to each video.

It is basically a looped link to your videos.

When you click on the information popup on the top-right screen, then you see the videos. 

Watch this practical video about cards.

4. Add end screens.

This is used to refer to your videos, social media channels, and ways to contact, and thank you for watching notes.

You see this screen at the beginning or the end of the video.

Not everybody is going to read your description, but it helps to spread your content. 

With countless watching hours on YouTube, you never be noted when it works for you. So add those links.

6. Add tags, enable fullscreen (when it’s possible), and be open to comments.

It’s good to have an active YouTube channel, the reason is that it is standard and reasonable that you try to achieve it.

Tags, fullscreen, and comments are things that allow your content to get more views.

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YouTube is a great social media tool you can add to your blog. The way you can define your content is by using the basic YouTube SEO marketing for your blog that is approved by YouTube.

If you don’t know where to start, then use the official 6 YouTube tips.

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  1. Another tip is to create high engaging thumbnails to get that initial visit and increase your CTR. Just thought I’d share. Keep up the great work!

  2. That is a great tip you have, I will use it in my next blog post.

  3. YouTube SEO is great, and it’s how to make the most out of YouTube. Look into it all, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

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