10 Layout Tips For Your Blog.

10 Layout Tips For Your Blog.
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There are many blog and regular website that are unfortunately not clear to the customer.

If the customer is too distracted, your profit will fall, then there are some mistakes in your business.

Mostly the image and branding are not clear any user prefer a recognizable and organized website because that sticks in their memory.

Below you can read layout standards that every blogger needs to know.

Standards is a cycle of grabbing the attention and engage with your potential user.

10 Layout standards

  1. Unique logo
  2. Readability
  3. Logical menus (homepage, about me, service, location, and products)
  4. Fun titles in your blog post
  5. Distinctive texts (call to action)
  6. Ways to make contact (link building)
  7. Sharing, fun, and relevance
  8. Professionalism, informative or knowledge broadening ideas
  9. Offers (clarity)
  10. Be found in popular search engines (meta tags and blog tags)

Recognize the signals

By applying these 10 layout standards in your blog design, you already have a head start on your competitors.

These are the most popular layout standards that you can apply today, it can be a challenge to make it fit your blog.

Also be mindful of the long road of blogging so don’t expect results immediatly.

Blogging path way

Blogging is a great tool when you do it right, there are 6 signs you must know to keep your blog up.

The design struggle

If you struggle with your blog or you want to have a standard layout, I offer this in my partnership plan.

I suggest to check my plan and If you face any troubles, don’t hesitate to mail me at dropnerchannels@gmail.com.

Don’t stress out you can always hire someone to do your job!

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10 Layout Tips For Your Blog.

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