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11 Must Do Twitter Tactics That Getting Results Instantly

twitter tactics

I don’t have Twitter 👉read why!

Twitter Tactics

Every blogger wants to get maximum exposure with their blog and hope of going viral.

It is easy to tweet, but not all tweets are being read, in that case, you tweet with the potential of burning out and missing to raise awareness.

To start your Twitter tactic for your blog use the below #. Click the button below and send a tweet to the online group.

Do this on Twitter:

  1. Use # (hashtags) to get your tweets in front of a large crowd of followers and readers.
  2. RT: Re-tweet content of other bloggers.
  3. Follow bloggers from WordPress.
  4. Refer to your Twitter page.
  5. Make it easy to follow and connect with you.
  6. Start to join a conversation group.
  7. Use @ to tweet valuable content to a single person, maybe they join a group and re-tweet your content.
  8. Add the Twitter widget to your blog pages and posts.
  9. Sync your cover design, logo, and bio with your blog on Twitter.
  10. Like content, and other tweets, and respond or mail them your offers.
  11. Make sure your Twitter page looks good and looks entertaining.

For more information go to Twitter by the numbers (2019).


I tweet all my blog posts on Twitter, you can see this on my pages. Re-tweeting content can increase your blog PageRank and internet authority.

Using the content which you already have and connecting them to your Twitter account, is a way of Twitter tactics or marketing.

If you want to learn how to set up and connect your Twitter account then check out this 👉How To Get Twitter On WordPress (No Plugins Are Needed) Just 4 Easy Tips

When you launch a tweet, don’t forget the 11 twitter tactics, and do not forget that are 330 million Twitter accounts and 500 million tweets sent daily.

So it may take a while.

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