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How To Get Twitter On WordPress (No Plugins Are Needed) Just 4 Easy Tips

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Get Twitter On WordPress

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Get Twitter On WordPress.

Twitter is a great place to grow your business, but things move fast on the platform.

The average lifespan of one tweet is only about 18 minutes. Over 9,000 new tweets are sent every single second. The shelf life of one tweet is four times shorter than anything you post on Facebook.

This makes it hard to get your messages to stick and make an impact. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

That’s why your tweets and Twitter marketing techniques have to carry a message that standout to get people to take action and pay attention to you.

But it can be hard to know what techniques work and which ones are a waste of time.

Thankfully, you won’t have to spend any time figuring that out. In this blog post, you will get Twitter on WordPress tips.

Add single tweets to your blog post.

Do you know what a single tweet is? It is one tweet post and some basic Twitter data the reason why should add it is because of the user experience and the Twitter interface you get.

The single tweet structure is one of the best structures there is for WordPress, and it makes your site open and direct. In the image below, I show you the Tweet layout and what you should pay attention to when you display your tweets in WordPress. 

Single Tweet structure

Learn to add a SERP read the 👉 blog post.

Learn how to embed your tweets.

In this YouTube video, the YouTuber shows you where you can find the embeds and your Twitter web HTML code.

Add Twitter buttons.

To get this go to Twitter publish a page and paste your HTML code.

Those buttons make your website open and approachable which can stimulate users to follow you.

Also, it can spark business deals or share ideas. In that way, you can have a better and more directer customer relationship.

Twitter publish buttons

Image of the developer’s free tweet buttons for your blog or website ☝.

Add your social Twitter icon.

Drive your readers to your Twitter profile, with the awesome Twitter icon block for WordPress. Many bloggers are struggling with HTML and URL integrations but it is that simple.

You have to know the difference between HTML and a URL knowing that can help you construct better layouts for your blog post.

I have made a simple four-step Twitter URL integration into WordPress so you can try it out.

Twitter URL

To get Twitter on WordPress

Insert your Twitter URL into WordPress. ☝


To get Twitter on WordPress you have to learn how to set it up and the structure.

Distinguishing a blog post can be done using the free Twitter block options. You have to learn how to place an HTML or URL page. 

Most web pages have URLs you can use. HTML is about code you cannot use simple things such as URLs that automate and link to the correct page.

If you add an HTML code for Twitter then use the HTML block when you add Twitter buttons then use the HTML block.

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