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15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

  • Want to add WordPress plugins?
  • Run a website on WordPress?
  • Do you want to level up your SEO?
  • Do you need a pixel-perfect design?

It is a real struggle to start a website that can handle lots of traffic. You also want a speedy website and a pro-looking site that WOW the reader.

And you want to beef up your SEO score. If you run a site on WordPress, you can opt out of installing WordPress plugins.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugin is a piece of code inserted into the WordPress code.

There are many plugins available that handle web SEO issues and language barriers.

Most plugins are free, but not every plugin brings stability to your site. There are plugins that conflict with each other most plugins offer the same software service.

And that makes your site slow, or some images won’t load. This topic is about installing plugins for WordPress and the benefits.

What to pay attention to when installing A WordPress plugin?

Does the plugin developer recently update the software?

Look if they update the plugin frequently.

Is the plugin up to date and is it useful to others?

Look how many active installations.

Does the developer care for your site or lack the developer’s customer understanding?

Look if the plugin owner responds to customers on their FAQ forums.

Does the developer have enough educational material?

Check their testimonials and their guides.

Those are things you must look at it can help determine if the plugin shall be beneficial or face unhappy results.

How to install WordPress plugins?

First, you need to know that there are free and premium (paid) ones.

Second, installing plugins works with a business plan or upgrading your account to an E-commerce plan. 

With a business account, you can extend your site with great plugins. So you have a strategic benefit over your rivals.

Installing a WordPress plugin is easy. 

Go to the Plugins tab.

Search for the plugin name or function.

Press install and activate.

Watch the video here.

Deactivate and delete a WordPress Plugin.

First, you need to deactivate the plugin.

When you deactivate the plugin, then you can delete it.

Once you have successfully deactivated the plugin, it will turn white.

How do you know when a plugin is deleted?

It turns red for a second, and after the plugin is removed from your site and the options.

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins

The goal of a WordPress plugin is to beef up your site that is built for speed. Everyone likes a speedy website so look extra hard for such plugins.

This selection is to improve SEO, gain traffic, pixel-perfect design, and speed. So sit back and relax as you go through this. You can judge for yourself which plugin meets your requirements.

1. Yoast SEO

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

Yoast is an SEO WordPress plugin that handles many SEO tasks. It’s perfect for bloggers and business owners to rank higher.

This plugin allows you to optimize content to SEO standards. Such things as keyword placing and metadata.

Features of Yoast SEO.

  • A good option for WordPress blogs to get started with SEO.
  • Complicated SEO requirements are made simple.
  • Has both a free and a premium (paid) version.
  • A very complete suite of SEO tools.

2. Rank Math

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress. And it handles other SEO tasks such as ways to improve your on-page SEO. And the ability to optimize your content to get a higher PageRank with their content AI.

This is a must-have SEO plugin that brings your content to the SEO standards. Many features are free but some are paid options such as the content AI.

Features of Rank Math.

  • Quality SEO.
  • Get your old content ranked with their built-in SEO analysis.
  • Keywords placing up to 5.
  • Tracks your keyword performance.
  • The free version contains essential, advanced, local SEO, 404 monitor, Redirections, integrations in the Google search console, sitemaps, and much more SEO stuff.

3. All-One SEO

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

If your looking for beginner-friendly SEO for WordPress then this plugin is a serious option to go for. With over a 3+million downloads and up-to-date development.

You can seriously rank your site. Most SEO WordPress plugins offer the same SEO tools, that can enhance your site. WordPress users like the fast SEO setup.

4. Akismet

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

Do you need protection against the annoying spam on your blog? This plugin gives you protection against theft, fraud, and stealing. When your blog grows spammers grow with your blog.

The developer of the plugin is Automattic those are the people behind WordPress. It connects easily and seamlessly to your WordPress site.

So relax and don’t worry just grow.

Features of Akismet

  • It blocks most spam messages for you.
  • 5+ Million active installations.
  • Filter and separate comments that look like spam.
  • Automatically catch spam.

5. Jetpack

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

If you are looking to optimize your site you must check for safety, speed, and web traffic.

A comprehensive WordPress plugin that gives your site stability on the internet. Your work also needs to be protected 24/7. The developer is also from Automattic, these are the creators and developers of WordPress.

Your files are protected with the WordPress Akismet plugin.

Features of Jetpack

  • Lazy Load.
  • Performs malware and security scans for code threats. 1 Click Restore.
  • 5+ Million active installations.
  • Always up to date.

6. Broken Link Checker

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

Broken Link Checker scans for links that don’t work on your site or have some problems. Links that work are good for SEO, and Links that are bad can hurt your Click Through Rate and your rankings.

The benefit of this tool is that you can search for errors on your site and fix them yourself. Giving a better user experience.

This is a simple plugin but very useful plugin that helps create an SEO tactics plan for your WordPress site.

Features of Broken Link Checker

  • Monitors all links internal and external.
  • Detects links that don’t work and notifies you by email or your WordPress admin.
  • Detects missing images and redirects.

7. Elementor

Do I need to say more? Watch this awesome video.

8. Pretty Links

Pretty Links

If you want to earn cash from affiliate links you can go and opt-out of those links. And make it match your name. It does what it says it makes your affiliate links pretty.

Features of Pretty Links

  • Clean simple URLs
  • Tracks the number of clicks and unique clicks per link
  • Ability to turn to follow on or off of a link
  • Customize links that look like it come from your own domain

9. W3 Total Cache

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

W3 Total Cache improves SEO, especially the speed. When someone browses the internet and looks for your page it downloads all your webpage files.

So it can take a while to appear fast. Caching does shrink your file and store a copy on a device’s hard drive, the next time the user loads the page it brings up the locally stored data.

10. WooCommerce

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

If you want to create e-commerce on WordPress with ease, then you should check out this plugin. This plugin handles the setup of a webshop without writing any code.

This plugin comes with a list of payment features that you can select. It is a highly compatible plugin for webshops and gives you full ownership.

This plugin lets you be in charge of prices, control stock, discounts, size, shipping, and much more cool stuff.

Features of WooCommerce

  • 5+ Million active installations.
  • Always up to date.
  • Developed by Automattic (the people behind WordPress).

11. Google Site Kit

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

To get insights and analyze where your traffic comes from. It uses Google tools such as Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to launch and equip your site with success in the Google search engine.

Features of Google Sitekit (only Google tools).

  • Google search console.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Google tag manager.
  • Google Adsense.
  • Google Optimize.

12. Co-blocks

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

If you are looking to build beautiful web pages on WordPress that is lightweight. Then this plugin does the job. This plugin comes with many design features that match WordPress Gutenberg’s design.

This blog post and many others are made with that plugin only.

Coblocks WordPress plugin impression.

Click the image to see it full-size.

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free
15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free
15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

Features of CoBlocks

  • Focus on design and has many usability web features.
  • Seamless integration with WordPress Gutenberg editor.
  • 54 blocks for Gutenberg.
  • Up to date.
  • 500.000 Active installations.

13. ShortPixel

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

When it comes down to optimizing images for SEO, then you need image compression. You can compress past images with a simple click of a button. You can compress anything.

Features of Short Pixel

  • 300.000+ Active installations.
  • Compress popular JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, and much more.
  • Great guide and documentation.

14. OneSignal

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

If you want a blog or website that can increase user engagement then OneSignal is the plugin you should read about. You can send targeted push notifications to any user.

Once they sign up to receive push notifications the visitor receives these notifications even after they’ve left your website, thus driving re-engagement.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks.

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

Features of OneSignal

  • Automatically send notifications to your subscribers when you publish a new post on your site even if they are not on your site.
  • Select when and how to ask your guests to opt-in to browser notices. Customize the prompt they first see.

15. Contact Form 7

15 Most Valuable WordPress Plugins That Are Free

With 5+ million installations Contact Form 7 is one of the popular plugins you need to read about.

can handle numerous contact forms, plus you can customize the layout and the mail contents making it flexible to work with straightforward markup. The form keeps Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and so on.


SEO WordPress plugins are a must-have on a WordPress site. You don’t need to install every WordPress plugin only go with plugins that affect your SEO traffic, content, and speed.

WordPress has its own developer team called Automattic so Jetpack and WooComerce are their responsibility.

If you are going to install plugins you must ask these questions first.

Most SEO plugins code interferes with others Yoast doesn’t work well with Rank Math and AllInSEO. So it is best to go for one that fits your site.

I use Rank Math to rank pages on this blog to get into Google.

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