Identifying Evil Through Faith [Faith – Part 6]

evil ways

Evil Ways

Evil is hate towards anything that lives, the roots of it are fused in our habits and attitudes.

As we get closer to the end of things, you will see a growth in negative results.

Evil started in heaven, and that grew into people that got seduced by it.

Identifying evil

Knowing what to blame is not that simple.

Step 1. Knowing the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness
Step 2. Clean or Unclean
Step 3. Holy or Unholy
Step 3. Fair or Unfair
Step 4. Good or Bad

Now we go deeper into our roots.

Source 1. Our Childhood
Source 2: Our Ego
Source 3: Our Children
Source 4: Our Opinions
Source 5: Our Feelings
Source 6: Our Habits

Check when the evil started because you have to identify it. Then crush every evil temptation and desire.

Learn more about what is evil by checking out the video.


Evil is a temptation and desire that decided to attach in our lives.

The root of evil started out in heaven, Lucifer and the fallen angels rebelled towards God and His Holy council.

But they are no match for God and kicked Lucifer and his angels out of heaven.

Now they hate every life because they have been exposed thanks to Jesus.

By identifying the devil as the source of all bad things we can blame him for all the wrong things, furthermore crush him, and Jesus does the rest.

Note: his name is the devil, satan, prince of demons or king of wickedness. (he was Lucifer)

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