Increase your blog stamina with healthy eating

Hello, my blogger friends,

Maintaining a high blog publishing production requires excellent health.

I made that mistake to blog like a zombie and mindless cover topics that none of my readers was moved on.

That beat me, and that drained me plus I stayed stuck in blogging.

I was studying food and how that impacts our stamina and well being.

For the coming days, try to eat healthy because your mental health and creative thinking can be hit, by our unhealthy way of blogging and publishing.


The healthy oils you can find in nuts called: unsaturated fatty acids.

That stimulates the stomach, blood, and intestines.

You feel light and active.


Eating fruit is the easiest thing to eat, fruit – carries a whole lot of vitamins and minerals.

See it this way: fruits goes against any toxins in our body.


Rice is good to eat, but you have to balance it.

Because it can be high in carb combine rice with cucumber, or chicken salads and fruits.



Seafood salmon, tuna, crab, mackerel, and many other kinds of seafood are rich in protein.

Protein builds up muscle tissue and makes them stronger.


I know we all don’t like to eat vegetables, greens are good in general for the inside health.

That will make you stronger.


Meat is in abundance with creatin that is for better development of muscles in body and brain.

  • The heart is a muscle
  • The brain is a muscle
  • The lungs are a muscle

Taking A Break

Sometimes you do it all and still feeling stuck.

Taking a pause or schedule a blogging break can improve your mental health.

The biggest perk is that you will lower any pressure around you.


With blogging, you can easily get lost in just writing and overlook the mental and physical side of it.

By taking a healthy responsibility, you will see how limitless you are as a person.

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A good health is more then money, silver, or gold