Beef Up The Click Through Rate For Your Blog | 4 – Pointers

Greetings blogger,

The most valuable thing in blogging land is to have a text that is simple to follow.

Studies have shown that a well-organized text that is easy to read, can build trust.

Also, the results of having a CTA button (Call To Action) can drive more CTR activities:

  • User actions
  • Your blog or web site is simple to follow
  • Creation of a network or connection
  • Easy to support and bond 
  • Simple and plain directs
  • Up to date, of recent news via newsletter 
  • Quickly informed of new offers, sales, or latest develop

How to build a CTR blog?

There are 4 pointers you must master.

  1. Build a scannable text.
  2. Teach simple.
  3. Polish your writing.
  4. Attach videos, gif, newsletter, social media shares, keywords, and have settled lines (70% text | 30% offers). 

Video marketing

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Blogging PDF 101

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