Why I Deleted My Instagram

IG is not fair.

Many Instagrammers think that IG is the safest platform in real-life you have to post content every hour. The life span of a post is about 1 minute because of the amount of daily active users.

Most people are hooked to viewing useless content or only follow famous IG profiles. The Instagrammer that posts a lot will appear in the feed according to the algorithm and terms of usage. In that case, is IG not fair to you.

Fixed on IG.

I’m not against it, but I’m against the addiction and influence it has on life. It is like IG users are living in a bubble and fixed on how many followers or likes they got every 5 minutes.

My IG was suddenly restricted.

I was a heavy IG user because I was in a show-off phase to show my design works to my followers. I lost control and posted something every day, and I checked so many times how many new followers and likes I had.

At one point, my IG posts – were deleted. And suddenly, my account was locked and restricted, and I couldn’t update my IG story, and the post was no longer in the feed. I saw another option than permanently discard IG. (I do not regret it)

Deleting my IG.

I want to break that IG cycle by deleting my IG account. That gives me much freedom and a bunch of time back. I got so much time that I don’t know what to do with so much time. I invest time in praying, and I got some written content projects open that need care.

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