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3 Reasons Why You Should Aim Your Blog For Targets.

Why You Should Aim Your Blog For Targets

Hi all bloggers,

Do you struggle to hit and aim your blog for targets?

Do you know what to aim for?

If you are not sure what a target is and don’t know how to set them, then your aim is wrong, which leads to blog blindness.

You must learn the common 3 reasons why your blog doesn’t work.

Why you should aim your blog for targets?

The key is to have a clear perception of a target because that makes it more relaxed to aim. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Aim Your Blog For Targets.

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There are 3 main principles of targeting you must learn, so you can blog with a goal in the future.

1) Get to know your target audience.

Knowing who you write to makes it easier to blog. Marketing targets such as:

  • Know a few keywords for your blog audience. (Keyword targets)
  • Know the difference between AM/PM and the 24 hours Europe Time system. Know the times. → Click here. (Time targets)
  • Where does your audience live? (The USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, England, Netherlands, South Korea, China, and Russia) (Location-based targets)

Every country has some policies when it comes to the internet and browsing. 

  • In the USA, there is a lot of fake and false information also immoral leadership. 
  • In England, you have the Brexit campaign.
  • In the Netherlands, there is a lot of discrimination and racism.
  • In Russia, people are tired of political leadership.
  • Countries such as North Korea, South Korea, and China are annoyed by the self-centered leaders.

Political leaders over the world have bound this world in chaos, destruction, and blindness.

That means some topics are beneficial for audiences that have no problem with their country’s future there spending no time on it because their opinion is that the government and their leaders never change.

Others are concerned about the country’s future and spend a lot of time fighting for it.

Therefore you can not write everything because you can insult and oppose their political position, opinions, beliefs, and choices.

Note: do not pick sides to stay with your efforts, works, profits, followers, and readers.

2) Network targets.

When you are active on social media and use it every day, then you must clearly refer to it.

Follow, and interactions are 2 main things that can cover a significant reach of new readers, buyers, or users.

The downside of it is that it can take a while, also it takes a lot of privacy, and free time, and that can strain your creative thoughts.

You can always consider guest blogging. That has many advantages such as SEO, Brand awareness, and Spark New Collaborations, and Ideas.

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3) Infographics to tell the story.

It can be that you want to beef up your blog with designs to tell or explain a story.

With a general and standard infographic, you can shorten the messages – the chance that someone looks at and understands the infographic is higher than without.

Check out my infographic about communications.

infographic impact of videos and joy
Click the image to use its URL, and copy-paste the URL.

Do you want to use this ready-to-use, infographic in your WordPress or any other web editor?

Click the image and copy-paste the URL.

Having trouble with the code? → Contact.


The reason why you should aim your blog? Is that it is a challenge, even if you have gained some followers. You cannot blog and say what you want because of the living standards of their countries.

Targeting your readers is a good thing, just be mindful of their life and watch what you blog and say to them.

Make your content valuable to them and help others reach to become better writers by giving them a fair chance.

A fair chance starts with setting up targeting goals that you can aim for.

Begin with mine 3 targeting goals that you can aim for:

  1. Know your audiences.
  2. Network targets.
  3. Infographics to tell stories

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3 Reasons Why You Should Aim Your Blog For Targets.

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