9 Simple Tips To Jumpstart Blogging [101 Blogging]

9 Simple Tips To Jumpstart Blogging [101 Blogging]

Why simple?

The simple text is missing in the most blog post. Simple means explaining the topic and words you write about.

If your content is not reaching the reader, then your message has some errors.

The main problem is that the writing style is too complex which stop the reader to continue.

If you facing this complex writing style than follow my 101 writing tips.

Check it out below.

9 Writing Simple Tips

1) Know what you want to say 

Simple text doesn’t mean that you have low-level of writing.

It’s a new way of thinking and writing in which you have to explain your text to your audience for easy understanding.

2) Know your audience

Before you write content, make sure you know a little bit about readers.

By having that information allows better communications and explanations about concepts or tactics.

3) Explain difficult words

This writing technique is used to define difficult and unfamiliar words.

If you’re writing an article with a specific subject or category you might use terms that the reader doesn’t know about.

Too many difficult words can confuse the reader, explain those words so that the reader know what your article is about.

4) Avoid unfamiliar words

Before you write a single word, use only common words!

In that way, you have set your mind into your audience level. Most readers will skip certain words or text because unfamiliar words or text is not easy to process for the brain.

5) Write one paragraph sentence

That makes your text scannable and it’s much easier for the eye to quick read.

The goal is to;

  • Stop the eye.
  • Focus the eye.
  • Connect the eye to your article and the brain.
  • That allows your eye and brain to rest.
9 Simple Tips To Jumpstart Blogging [101 Blogging]

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6) Keep it short

If you pile up words you will lose simplicity.

When you blog long you miss to grab the interest of the reader and that has a negative impact on your quality!

7) Story-tell your post

Often you see a post which has no point to read or to go to because the title or the structure is not catchy and probably there is no interaction.

The goal of story-telling:

  • Creating interactions
  • Creating motivations
  • Stimulating actions
  • Creating empathy and sympathy

8) Highlight important words

It’s good to be predictable with words!

In fact, that’s why people come back they know what to expect and how your content will speak to them.

9) End your sentences in style

Yes, it’s true, an ending can convert people to stay longer.

To gain a greater group of followers you can always end with a reciprocal question.

The main purpose of ending in style is to spark the interest and curiosity to connect people to your blog.

And to stay in touch for your next cool post.


Simplicity is a lost art in today’s content-saturated world.

If you want to write more clearly than most people, read this cool post » Click here.

Simplicity writing is powerful and compelling. It turns heads, changes minds and encourages action.

Although, keep in mind that simplicity takes practice. If you don’t get it the first, second, or even the twentieth time, don’t worry. You will get it.

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