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Affiliate Strategy For Starters | 101

Affiliate Strategy For Starters

💡 Note: Before you start creating an affiliate strategy blog post, I advise you to learn or watch related content about it.

Where to begin for an affiliate strategy marketing program?

So you want to be an affiliate marketer, instead, you want to become a successful affiliate writer. You’re probably frustrated and looking for the next step to get yourself in the program, so you can start making money.  

The first thing you need to do is take a step back and check out your content and – if there is a possible match for an affiliate program you want to be a part of and their options.

Then you should take a look at the site, and social media pages, and check products if that has a connection to your blog, website, business, and audience. So you can make promote and write campaign content.

I have signed up for this affiliate program, and many other bloggers use this platform too, it has great names such as Uber, Best Buy, Hostgator, and many others. Visit the website and go here.

Impact Affiliate

Building your affiliate strategy what you should pay attention to?

Your profile is generally the main information the affiliate bosses have to work with making an approval decision and they get dozens of applications a day to review, so your profile must help the affiliate bosses and staff to get quick access to all the information that they need to take action.

  • Your site must be active because affiliate bosses can’t approve applications from sites that aren’t live.
  • Signing up for an affiliate writer demands that you have a piece of legit contact information.
  • No contact name is given in the profile.
  • Negative ratings in your profile or your website.
  • Mentioned using marketing paid methods affiliate bosses don’t allow that in your content. (read their terms and stick to them)

Common site issues:

  • The site (s) didn’t load in search engines.
  • Parked domain (this means no active http//
  • Trademark issues (use of team, league, or player names in the domain, unauthorized use of logos).
  • No unique content on the site.
  • The site is a “banner farm” with no content, just banner ads.
  • The site in an application is a cloned money-making system site.
  • Content is not a fit.
  • Objectionable content (adult, hate speech, weapons, violence, content that doesn’t reflect well on the brand).
  • Spammy content.
  • No engagement on social media pages.

Writing affiliate content and what to look for.

Content creators with a connection to an audience that would have an interest in the products are the main idea of affiliate marketing. Most successful affiliate writers invest time and energy in building communities where they can mention the products in the natural flow of conversation on-site. 

You must own and rule over your domain. The next step is building a brand that audiences associate with quality content. Get the trust of your audience so that the audience reacts when they make a recommendation. This is one of the vital goals to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

Test links and product ads in your draft content, or curate product recommendations in their site, blog, forum, or social media posts.

So your links can be tracked back from your blog and when someone makes a purchase. The affiliate boss pays you for that.

If you see some issues above that occur on your site, I recommend that you check out the free resource at – this resource, written by Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins is a practical guide to how to build out a WordPress-based affiliate marketing platform in an area that you have knowledge in and are passionate about.


Affiliate strategy marketing is a skill that you can master. Before you go and write and share links for no reason you must learn the basics of it. Get the main idea of it and think forward.

The common issues can be fixed, but connecting the right products can be time-consuming.

Make a list of sites that accepts affiliate writers. And go from there.

Good luck😉.

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