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Say No To Hate – Black And All Lives Matters

Black And All Lives Matters

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Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

Black And All Lives Matter, So You Matter

As you know, we all live in a world, and we must learn to live together.

If we don’t learn how to teamwork towards a particular goal, we miss out on something great.

It can be that somebody has the talent and skill you need to get success faster.

I’m always open to the righteous of helping each other. I’m not forever busy with blogging, and I’m not full of myself, I spend much time in faith.

Any attack or violence on the lives of humans is wrong and that hate must be dealt with.

If we fail to look at the source of the problem, then we will not understand it after that, it will get out of hand. And we will lose the overview, including the solution.

Racism it happened before.

You can do your own research about the attack on human lives. We can go back in time and stop the human slave trade 300 years ago. Which involves men, women, and children.

If you want to learn more about slavery and human trafficking,

👉 go here. 

Do not engage in racism and hatred.

Many countries, football clubs, religions, and people all over the world are secretly involved in racism and hatred. The grounds of this world are just immoral, not fair, and 100% evil.

Some people love money but hate others and God.

Do not enter the path of the wicked

And do not proceed in the way of evil men.

Proverbs 4:14

The President and White House shame.

One of the biggest failures of the president is they don’t see the problem but are stuck with their endless politics and their debate.

The law and the Patriot Act (which they believe) are about 100 – 200 years old. It is mainly about how to live and how to treat others according to those laws.

So the governments decide who is bullying and who are the wrong guys.

patriot-act demonstrating

Found this patriot act demonstration on Google Images.

It causes our image to be wrong, and some are misrepresenting reality. This harms society and ordinary people.

And the President, White House staff, and the oval office won’t publish their shame of disinformation and their wrongdoing.

Stand, speak, be righteous, and be a legit blogger.

Blogging is a way of expressing yourself, every blogger must have his/her voice in this hectic society. 

Take a break from blogging and stand for honesty and launch your righteous prayer to God to help fix and give solutions for the wrong and evildoer.

Black and all lives matter if you like life.

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4 thoughts on “Say No To Hate – Black And All Lives Matters

  1. Great post! I echo all your points.

  2. Hi and thanks for agreeing with this blog post.

  3. All lives matter including animal life, I’m not an activist but we all have the right to live in peace

  4. Hi Stu Mc Donald, thank you for your comment. And yes you are right we all have the right to live in peace✌.

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