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6 Signs Your Kids Have Social Media Addiction And How To Parent Them

Social media addiction in kids

Social media addictions indeed have a devasting effect on us, especially on kids.

When their brain must develop into an adult one to help their problem-solving think process that aids in their life.

Parents don’t realize the life damage facts about it. Furthermore, many kids, teens, and adults are hooked on social life destroyer platforms.

They are great online resources, so you can study and be informed. But you are still responsible for your parenthood.

In this blog post, you can find helpful tips that guide parenting skills to protect your kids against social media.

6 Signs your kids are addicted to social media

Social media has benefits – I’m sure you can search the internet about it. On the flip side of social media, there is a dark side that affects mental health. 

Social media activates triggers in the brain that stimulate mental or physiological damage. If you are parenting your kids, you must talk about it as it can shrink their motivation in their social life.

6 Signs
1. No communication.
2. Living in secret.
3. The door is closed, and spend 20 hours in their room. 
4. Having an evening meal in the room.
5. Verbal abuse and secretiveness and shirk their responsibility.
6. Not daring to start a conversation with others and no guts at all.

What can you do to social media addiction as a parent?

First, you need to know the addiction facts social platforms have. There are various studies about it.

Sites that I recommend to help your parenting skills about social media addictions.

So get some knowledge and then talk about it. You must understand why your kids are performing poorly and have low grades in school.

Give a good example as a parent.

If you want to tackle addiction as a parent, you can make many approvements, and it takes time.

You must reduce or delete your social media account – because you must give your kids a good example. 

Don’t be a part of the pressure.

Almost every addiction starts with pressure that leads to side addictions. Today media addictions come in various shapes and sizes – it starts small.

And when media addiction plays a big part in their lives. Your kids want to protect that addiction.

South Park Bad habits

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Do not help the addiction EVER.

Say NO to your kids.


Social media addictions hinder the personal development of kids and teenagers during school, homework, and their social lives. As a parent, you play a vital role in putting your kids in the right direction.