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How To Create a Blog Like a Sniper? 5 Point Writing


Create a blog like a sniper

Everyone wants to be the best in blogging, including me.

Sometimes you have no ideas on how to start one.

Before you publish a blog, the writing part is one of the struggles every blogger has to deal with.

Also, every published blog must reach its goal or the ideal spot.

Setting up your sniper blog

To date, there are over 1.6 billion websites in the world, and more than 500 million are recognized as blogs. How many blogs are there?

Their authors account for over 2 million blog posts every day.

There are also down and active accounts so the numbers can change fast in a day. I have written a blog post about dead or alive blogs, you can check it out here → Difference Between Dead Versus Alive Blogs.

Setting up your sniper blog depends on 5 key points.

1- Keyword title
2- Create headings
3- Social Media ready
4- Imagery
5- Aim to the public

Let’s discover the 5 sniper points.

1- Keyword title

Search engines first look for matching words and links to relevant content.

Using high-end keywords can boost your Page Ranking.

How To Create a Blog Like a Sniper? 5 Point Writing

Get my free blog headline list.

2- Create headings

Headings make your content scannable.

– A headliner makes the eyes stop.
– The public can simply read your point.
– Using mini titles and headings creates clarity.

3- Social Media ready

There are many blog stories about this, therefore, this topic is covered enough!

4- Imagery

Placing the right images can boost the attractiveness of your blog.

Having multiple pictures and moving images can distract the reader so the reader can lose their focus to read your story.

Only upload pictures that support your blog.

5- Aim for the public

Not everyone knows how to create pinpoint blogs.

There are still many bloggers that face the same struggle, as your blog grows to become great then give some helpful advice on how to start a blog for the public visitor.


To be a blog sniper, you must have some intel if you don’t, then your blogging efforts will be a waste of time.

Spending unnecessary energy and time is one of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to blogging.

To avoid useless blogging efforts use, and apply my sniper tactics.

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