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How To Pitch [8 Great Tips]

How To Pitch

The Sales Pitch = the sales key!

Your starting point is a question; what, why, and how to pitch your offer?

If you want to close a deal then you must think of making your sale presentable to your audience.

One of the major things you can do is bring more clarity and show the proven benefits of your service or offer.

By having that structure in the right order it can greatly benefit your profits.

The beginning of a sales pitch can be a challenge because it is used for offline businesses and there are a few examples for content writers or bloggers.

Let’s start with building a sales pitch framework for content writers and bloggers only!

Sales pitch framework (for content writers and bloggers)

Keep in mind that you have to create a plan with storytelling your ideas.

  1. Keep your story short 300-500 words.
  2. Explain how you identify problems and explain how you can solve it quickly.
  3. Share with your readers what the benefit is.
  4. Motivate by explaining the quality or some other unique selling points.
  5. Value readers opinions because you want to have more followers, subscribes or like, etc.
  6. Share your contact details which must be up to date and user-friendly.
  7. Engagement through your blog, social media and become friends or follow your customers for even more communication.
  8. Close your pitch and be an open-minded, referral to your relevant content that needs also more attention. (call to action)


Here is a very short video about the pitch. Master the pitch talk completely.

Let’s summarize

The key to magnifying your content is how you present your content to your audience.

When translating a sales pitch into your content, keep in mind that your message has to be shortsharp, and easy to understand for your readers.

Learn and try my sales framework and use it in your content writing so then you become better.

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How To Pitch [8 Great Tips]


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