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Should You Blog Or Be Doing Content Marketing?

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Greetings friends,

A whole lot has been written on topics such as content marketing, management, and blogging. 

To this day, the writer is not sure of that. Now most writers are confused, and it’s not clear to them what to choose and aim for.


Just write without setting a blog goal that you want to reach.

And you have no real idea of how to market and brand online.

  • No aims.
  • No branding.
  • No targets.
  • No structure.
  • No offers.
  • No sales plan.
  • Not open to teamwork and guest blogs.


Need tips about how to market the world and have a business mindset?

Content marketing.

Content marketing is the opposite of blogging blind! Where you have to learn about marketing the tough way.

Not (only) the fun stuff but the tough part.

Content marketing is a matter of improving, reading, and growing.

What you need to know:

  • You have to learn how to market.
  • You must rule clarity.
  • Learn attractive writing.
  • Use winning tools.
  • Structure text.
  • Learn to communicate simple messages.
  • Know the topic.

Check out my free stuff page and pick a guide to help you to get started right away.


Do not blog blind but track your results if it reaches their target.

With content marketing, you build a blog post to aim and hit the (niche) markets.

Content marketing lets you have control over the content parts of your blog post.

So go for content marketing with your blog.

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