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7 Ideas To Blog On Christmas

7 Ideas To Blog On Christmas

Hi bloggers,

What to blog on Christmas?

Sometimes you have no idea what to blog about on certain days. (me too)

You must know a bit about Christmas days because someone spent a whole lot of time decorating their entire house and roofing others (like me), are into friendship, and strengthening the family bond and good people. 

You can write all about decorations, but if a person is not interested in them, you can still not reach them.

Below are my 7 Christmas idea listings you can cover.

You are a beacon of light, not your house.

Creating content for Christmas days is about helping and bringing joy to others through your writings or graphics.

So the ideas for writing on Christmas are:

  1. Christmas motivation.
  2. Family bond.
  3. Friendship.
  4. Christmas recipes and meals.
  5. Christmas deals.
  6. Bad Christmas sweater
  7. Christmas movies

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Get in the Christmas mood.

Some people like to decorate their house, including the outside roof to get in the mood. The reason why others dislike this is it gives a whole lot of work and time.

Besides, the decorations look fabulous, and you can see the lights from a mile, but you have to take it all down the day after Christmas.

Putting the reader first on Christmas.

The reason behind it is to give others joy, engagement, trust, and respect to your followers, and in return, you get liked by your followers.

Christmas is also about giving and receiving, so you have to know a few things about your target audience and how they spent these days.

This generates HQ followers and readers for your future writings.


There are numerous perspectives on what to blog about on Christmas.

It’s a day that we must take seriously most of us have forgotten the idea of why it is a special holiday in the year.

Set this day apart from your standard blog day and place the reader first.

That means Christmas to your readers figure that out.

Christmas must be the day that you are looking out for.

If you don’t have any ideas, then use my 7 ideas to get started.

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