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Time For A Sharp Blog [Small Business Blogging]

Creating A Sharp Blog,

When I blog, I was faced with a foolish blog layout. I thought that nobody wants to check that out.  

For a long time, I did not post a new blog.

I was struggling to switch my blog into a small business. 

I had to learn the sales side of it. The reason is that I’m motivated to earn a living by blogging.

Top 10 Online Business Ideas That Pays

Therefore, I started blogging without a clear insight into reaching blog and sales goals or points.

So I did not achieve much and wanted to give up.

I read something a while ago in an old car book on polishing and streamlining and all the building steps before shipping and selling.

That was uplifting for me to grow my sales.

Streamline every part of your product that connects your customers. Dropner Blog

Produce sales

Sales are not going automatically. You have to organize also streamline it to fit your blog to your readers.

Brand your sales

When you are in this phase, then it is time to sharpen your offers with a bright display to your readers.

Free sample

Use the opportunity to circulate your brand, offers, or products at no cost.

That will create your (USP) Unique Selling Point.

Time For A Sharp Blog

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Everything has to match

Retail and pitch your products or offers. Showcase the useful side throughout your blog.

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Returning readers

The key to getting returning customers or readers is that readers need to have a kind of favor with your products.

Before you launch a product, consider the following points.

  1. Is your product affordable to your customers and readers?
  2. Is your product or offer safe?
  3. Does your product offer solutions?
  4. Is your product easy to find?
  5. Is your product or offer easy to understand?
  6. Do you market your product plus offers for your customers and readers?
  7. Do you test your products or offers before delivery? 

Those questions are the backbone of marketing and branding that can grow your sales.

Therefore you have to sharpen and fully be equipped to carry that load of sales and business.

Time For A Sharp Blog [Small Business Blogging]

Learn the backbone of branding so you can make smarter choices in your sales.


Turning your blog into a sharp blog that is a profitable business can take a long time. There are numerous side roads, and every day, you face sales disappointments.

Boosting your sales starts with the way you brand, market, test, pitch, and present your products and offers to your audience.

Completing the whole manufacturing process will make your product stable and safe to use for the customer.

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Thank you.

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Time For A Sharp Blog [Small Business Blogging]

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Time For A Sharp Blog [Small Business Blogging]

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