6 Free Tools To Help Your New WordPress Blog Post

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Hi all,

A whole lot has been written around helping each other. 

In the process of helping, there is a cut within paid advice and free aid.

Every blogger or writer should know that a lot of efforts goes into the process of content creation.

If you struggle with writing or product creation.

Do not worry, I have free 6 tips that are worth checking out, and can help you!

1. Free WordPress Collaborations

You have to learn how to set up your account for content marketing related projects within WordPress.

Learn all the details. Click here to go to the WordPress support.

2. Free Mobile Marketing

Setting up mobile blogging

The way you set up your blog for mobile. Is to enable one switch and continuous preview your blog in phone mode.

When you blog long, the text at the end can abruptly end. Blog short, employing images and use main things usually works.

Mobile blogging

Preview your blog in phone mode

If you decide to write your blog for mobile devices, then you have to check if your blog with its images and descriptions.

When you’re done with your blog, check your writing preview in phone mode.

Preview your writings on phone modus

You’ve heard of email, right?

Well, this is really the easiest way for bloggers to publish content to the web.

You can simply configure your blog to accept your posts by email, Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress all have this functionality.

email marketing blog

However, it would often have to be text-based blog posts that you create so be short with email.

3. Free Keywords from Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool by blogger and entrepreneur Neil Patel. The tool grabs data from sources like:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Suggest
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console (without the need to login)

I am a supporter of this tool because I hate waiting too long for a keyword planner to bring me the results.

Furthermore, this keyword planner displays the suggested keywords.

Ubersuggest offers a clear interface, besides you can download your list of keywords with just a single click.

4. Free Search FAQ By Answer The Public

Note: limited use.

5. Free Stuff PDF from Dropner Blog

Getting your blog up and running, I advise you to invest time in reading my free PDF.

My PDF covers the basics of blogging and gives an in-depth view of blogging, branding, promoting, and listing.

The PDF is written and designed by Dropner Blog to help you reach your goals.

6. Free Guest blogging

A guest blog allows you to reach new markets, pitch your blog, business, advertise, promote, or gain in influence for free.

If you want to start a guest blog, then you should offer that by requesting an invite and be open to guest blogging.

Request an invite to guest blog on Dropner Blog.

I want to guest blog on your blog. Invite me through WordPress at dropnerchannels@gmail.com.


Offering free stuff is aimed to help others. Free things must have an education and a practical side to it.

Also, it must be useful, simple, and clear to get it plus, it must be easy to get out.

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