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Hello, my blogger friend.

Before you hit the publish button, wait for a while and think about your end goal.

Keep it simple, and ask the question do you want to blog for desktop or mobile use?

Our blog can be fitted to view it on mobile almost all the WordPress themes are viewable for mobile.

The screen size for mobile is smaller, so you can’t overload it with large pictures or stack up words.

When you like to blog for mobile, there are seven hang on tips you need to know.

#1) Clear Writing
#2) Load Speed
#3) Testing
#4) Simple
#5) To The point
#6) Blog Short
#7) Performance

#1) Clear Writing

Having clarity into your blog message can deliver your content fast.

The reader wants to know instantly if your story is compelling and helpful to share it with their online friends.

Using bright and clear messages can speed up that demanding process.

#2) Load Speed

The screen size of all mobile devices are small, using huge pictures and lots of words will decrease the flowing of your mobile blog.

The processor in mobile devices saves that as data.

Unwanted data is also being stored such as browser cookies, that can block your blog readability, and limit the process rate.

#3) Testing

When you decide to blog for mobile, imagine how the end reader must perceive your message.

  • They must know who wrote it?
  • Why did you write it?
  • For who did you write it?
  • Easy to read?
  • Quick to share?

The answers are in testing your masterpiece hours upon hours. But when you succeed, then there are so many new openings.

Setup your blog to go mobile

Learn and discover where to look for, when you test your blog for mobile use.

#4) Simple

Using clear and helpful writing that is light to read is a big plus.

Being simple makes your blog accessible to others, and that can increase your returning reader/viewer rate. (ROI, Return Of Investing)

#5) To the point

Not everyone is going to read your entire mobile blog.

The mobile user is busy reading their social network stats.

Maybe your blog is on the 3rd or 4th place in their minds. When you give these users too much information that is hard to read, they drop out.

If you are not to the point your blog end up on 6th -10th place, then your efforts are a waste of time.

Learn to: to the point writing.


Do you want to learn how to deliver your writing?

#6) Blog short

You must know that a short blog is rich in communication that allows the mobile user to scroll, scan, and retain your messages.

  • The eye of a mobile user must scan your text.
  • The hand of a mobile user is fast.
  • The intellect of a mobile user is towards social media and their online friends.
  • Our blog is on the 3rd – 10th place.

#7) Performance

The performance covers the usability of your blog product.

See it this way you and I want to max out the blog output.

The blog input is learning from past mistakes.

Blog input points.

  • Grammar.
  • Hard words.
  • Unfamiliar phrases.
  • Confusion writings.
  • No, follow up.
  • Not helpful.


Blogging for mobile is fun, but it involves a lot of practice with trials and errors. Lucky for us, most WordPress themes are fit for mobile use.

Only having a mobile WordPress theme isn’t enough. To seriously blog for mobile needs seven points to hang on.

#1) Clear writing.
#2) Load speed.
#3) Testing.
#4) Simple.
#5) To the point.
#6) Blog short.
#7) Performance.

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