Should You Blog Short or Long?

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Hey web friends,

Creating content

The essential part of blogging is making content. The best route depends on certain factors such as your topic, niche, quality or writing level and many more!

In content creation, it’s crucial to have a strong message with clarity writing. That has the capability to go viral because you want to be attractive (in a good way) to many.

There are no rules for blogging long or short only advantages and disadvantages.

Quantity or Quality?

It’s not the phrases quantity but the quality of the phrases. Does your phrases have meaningful words?

Avoid complex topics and words that are hard to explain because the reader may not get your message.

Many readers just quick scan your blog looking for great tips or advice that they need! They haven’t got al day to go online and read your entire post.

Don’t stretch sentence or pile up words; that will not grab the attention. Instead, go for quality words.

Such us:

  • Motivations words
  • Success words
  • Knowledgable words
  • Inspired words
  • Smart words
  • Wise words
  • Positive words
  • Combined topics
  • Useful words
  • And many more

Why Blog Short?

You and I are living in a fast and exhausting world where the pressure to perform is high.

Most people are online on their social media account that they don’t always have the time to read your entire blog.

With a short message you can reach them, in other words: write for them.

Write quick and have a short message that you want to put out. Keep in mind that you have to write a quality post!

It’s way harder to write brief because you are more depended on your writing skills.

Be sure you are developing your writing!

Why Blog Long?

Long blogs are good for giving tutorials, guidelines, 30+ tips, 30+ advice or 30+ knowledge items.

It can be a challenge for the reader to figure out what you’re trying to say. Help them out by giving a clear overview.

Has the reader time to read? With long sentences, they have made time to seriously read your blog post.

Keep in mind that you have quality writing!

Overview your content

There are major possibilities to highlight your words. You can start off with styling each paragraph or add a short intro into your topics.

You already know the benefit of insert a link?

Furthermore, add a bullet or numbered list to create an overview. It is easy to understand for the readers that review your blog also your content seems organized.

That can have a positive influence on blog user experience the more likely new readers may be interested in your blog words.


In the end, the word length or word count does have a positive or negative impact on how the reader experience and review your blog post.

A quality sentence has potential!

Quality writing can increase interest from new readers combined with a strong message you can reach more!

Blog short saves time and focus for this reason is blogging short great.

Do you have long or short blog post?

Let me know in the comment section or you can contact me for the same.

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