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6 Tips To Introduce Your Online Offers

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6 Tips To Introduce Your Online Offers

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Getting your business online is becoming a real struggle. Business owners make the mistake to focus on the money and neglecting the relevant part of doing business.

In business, you have to think about your customers, the demand, commercializing your offers, management skills, budget, marketing, accessibility.

It looks like a lot you have to deal with.

In this blog post, I review the essentials of an online offer. 

1. Make your offers uplifting.

When you launch your business online, then you must first think about how to approach the customer. You can not expect that every customer is a buyer – we are all humans with emotions and feelings.

Your people are pet owners, some battle with addictions, some need some other viewpoints of life.

Whatever the case may be, your people don’t see the benefit of your offer and how it can help them. They are too busy with their life questions.

Every once in a while, you need to take someone out of their concerns and present an uplifting pitch of your business to your target audience.

The goal is to make your business open and friendly, also to address new markets.

Example of an uplifting video ad for a pet store

2. Turn your offer in a video.

Nowadays, it is becoming a big thing that you present your offer through a video. More business owners integrate videos to sell or show their offers to viewers across the world. People remember videos more than text. 

Example turn ideas into offers ad.

3. Be serious with the buyer.

When you introduce your business to your customers, then treat them with respect.

Do not use their weakness to drive sales but drive them for something helpful.

Don’t hammer people to buy something from you. On the contrary, the application also shows whether it is user-friendly.

Example of a story ad for social causes

My tip is that you should also tell a story if you decide to offer something from your online business to stay legit.

You can also use my other video examples on my YouTube channel for your business and readers for free. – Dropner Graphic Explainer.

4. Make your offers affordable.

Not everyone has a big budget so, they can not go all out with their decisions.

You are not fair if you give people – that have – a smaller budget, not a chance to develop their business. You must split your offer into 3 or 4 items. 

  • Offer 1 = cheap.
  • Offer 2 = medium and vital
  • Offer 3 = high priced.

Example of splitting offers to low-medium-high (skip around 50 sec).

5. Multipurpose your offer.

Being a business owner is great, but the hard part is the patience and editing of your offer to fit the demand of the customer.

Some people or on their mobile, others on social media. It is best to display your deals for the most widespread platform where your potential consumer is.

Example of a multipurpose video ad | my products are ready for each country and any device (skip around 1.10 secs).

6. Explain the why.

This is the most stressful part of any online business. You have to motivate the benefit in general in the process add your own service.

When you are in this phase, it is best that you give facts. And make that a motivational commercial that triggers sales.

This is a pull marketing approach, and the payoff is not that great, so be patient and don’t expect that results to happen overnight. 

Example of explaining the “why”.


Introducing your online business is not that easy. You have to know a bit about various sales concepts.

Knowing sales, also, your target audience’s needs can help you introduce your business and offers better.

Have a clear business goal in mind and learn as much about online business and buyer processes.

6 Tips To Introduce Your Online Offers6 Tips To Introduce Your Online Offers

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