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Want To Blog For Mobile? 6 Usability Rules You Must Own

Blog For Mobile

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Creating a blog for mobile

When must your blog be for mobile use? Answer as much as possible.

Let’s face it about everyone has a smartphone you and I must blog smartly.

We live in a consumer market with a high demand for mobile devices. Therefore it’s best to know how to use the standard WordPress blog to switch to mobile blogging.

Switching your blog between desktops and phones demands six usability rules.

  1. Rule Simple Layout
  2. Rule Less Pictures (less is more)
  3. Rule Call To Action (CTA)
  4. Rule Social Media Profiling
  5. Rule Blog Short
  6. Rule Stay Clear With Sharing

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1. Rule Simple Layout.

Using a simple layout makes your site easy to scan.

Because screen sizes on mobile devices are smaller, so don’t overload.

When you overload the layout with too many words, the user will withdraw their interest.

2. Rule Less Is More.

Using too many images or words will slow down the load speed.

Why? The mobile reader wants quick and fast answers. When your blog is like a puzzle, the mobile reader will bypass your offer.

3. Rule Call To Action (CTA).

Direct the mobile reader to the best blog offer you published that can spark search traffic to another part of the blog.

Because you want to inspire, motivate, reach, or touch as many readers as possible.

4. Rule Social Media Profiling.

We all know the positive effect an online profile has. When you don’t take your brand seriously, you end up with an ineffective brand image.

What to do? Think and write your profile BIO like a pro. Never think what you do is an online joke.

5. Rule Blog Short.

Note that piling up words can change the perspective of your writing. The mobile reader sees words that are cut off, and the text doesn’t make sense.

How to avoid this? Keep it simple use familiar words. Keep it around 650 words count.

Want To Blog For Mobile? 6 Usability Rules You Must Own

6. Rule Stay Clear With Sharing.

If you choose to share something that sparks your interest, please go ahead, and continue to share.

The problem starts when your share stuff that not relates to the (new) reader. Sharing useless information doesn’t get picked up, and you will experience bloggers’ doubt.

The solution is to scan if the content is helpful to others.

  • Take note is there a profitable side to it?
  • Does the content give an in-depth view?
  • Does the content teach effective tips?
  • Does the content have great humor?
  • Does the content cover real-life blog issues?
  • Does the content cover life? A.k.a uplifting lifestyle, food/health, or the right way of doing things?


When we choose to blog for mobile-ready, there are 6 usability rules that we must own.

Those are:

  1. Simple Layout.
  2. Fewer Pictures (Less is more).
  3. Call To Action (CTA).
  4. Social Media Profiling.
  5. Blog Short
  6. Stay Clear With Sharing.

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If you decide to prepare your blog for the use of mobile, expand your knowledge in its use.

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