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7 Tips You Can Use To Boost Your Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Hi, bloggers and mobile SEO writers,

There is a big shift in online businesses – do you know what it is? It is the functionality of a website to mobile.

So I created this post to be mobile SEO friendly.

I think you get it, and it is not that hard to figure it out. With app development and the increasing rise of social media, you get easily lost in getting target views.

In this blog post, you will learn how you can drive mobile views to your blog or business.

Table of contents.

  • Add video.
  • Add do-follow links.
  • Add tutorials.
  • Add practical usage.
  • Add favicon + images.
  • Keep it short.

Add video.

Video content helps you explain a sales story direct to the consumer.

With the growing number of online views on YouTube, it is a must-have video marketing tool. This can help your mobile SEO.

If you are looking for a better viewability of your blog, then do it with your own videos.

It is a fact that many people use videos as a tool to boost their engagement and reach. Some people are interested in you based on your video creation. 

For more information, tap this source to visit the site.


Do you know what a do-follow link and a no-follow link are? There are numerous explanations, but when you have a blog or website that runs on WordPress, then you should narrow down – your search.

The do-follow link gives Google or another search engine a signal that it is a quality link and ranks it in PageRank.

This is a strategic way to improve your mobile SEO in general.

If you can make a do-follow link, you can earn money with it. What you should not forget is that quality should come first because you can lose your gained rank around your blog or website.

In that case, you use a no-follow link. Below are some of the WordPress secrets to chance a no-follow link to a do-follow link. 

By default, all links on WordPress are no-follow links it does not mean you cannot be ranked. If you want to be ranked then the quality of your links and content must be legit.

Click the dots. Going to add do-follow links.

Click the dots. Going to add do-follow links. | Click 👉 here for fullscreen

Adding do-follow links in WordPress

Adding do-follow links in WordPress. | Click here to see it fullscreen

Add tutorials.

If you like to teach, then you must use tutorials as a way to point out stuff. You can increase your reach with that, the way you create a tutorial is to show the steps slowly, and speed it up to normal.

If you have questions you can ask through mail or social media for more information.

For example, you can check this video which is on YouTube, but you can view it here.

Add practical usage.

If you offer a service, then you must agree that consumers are interested in the use of your service for mobile.

Be sure you use columns to highlight your offer with text.

For example mobile ads for bloggers, on the dropner blog.

You get:

  • Responsive HD ads.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Social share ready.
  • The same ad building method as Google ads (ad words).
  • Ad development with the best graphics for the web.
7 Tips You Can Use To Boost Your Mobile SEO

Add favicon + images.

Do you know what a favicon is? It is a small logo in the top left of the search browser. That small icon is viewable on browsers and mobile. 

With a favicon, you can increase online views by 70%. Accompanied with images such as an infographic can stimulate and attract visitors for future mobile engagement.

Mobile use infographic

Keep it short.

The screen size of a smartphone is smaller than a desktop. There are some things you must avoid such as:

Do not.

  • Only use text.
  • Only use popup banners.
  • Long-tailed words.
  • No sources.


  • Use images.
  • Use videos.
  • Use funny and helpful content.
  • Be yourself when you write.
  • Leave white spaces.

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