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How To Become a Social Media Manager + FREE GUIDE

The free guide is from

Disclosure: I earn a commission from Canva if you use my referral link to purchase or upgrade to Canva Pro at no added cost to you. Thanks for your support. 

Media manager

Hi bloggers and recent followers, 

Almost everyone uses social media, even animals. Nowadays, all kinds of selfie content are uploaded daily for likes and fame.

Online behavior is absurd, posting with no idea of ​​branding, identity, or other business and learning goals. In this blog post, you will learn how to be a social media manager.

What is content management?

Content management is how helpful the content is. You can do it in a team or solo. Some content writers start with 5 skills and learn the rest on the job.

You have to be convinced of your qualities because it is time-consuming work, a tough internet job with different algorithms and rules. Each algorithm requires a different mindset. 


Facebook (based on likes and interaction with others) is different from Pinterest (based on pin size) or YouTube (based on videos). And if you don’t get that, then this isn’t for you.

Content management focuses on the following:

  • Writing.
  • Editing.
  • Graphic.
  • SEO.
  • Planning.
  • Data analytics.
  • User engagement and interaction.
  • The structure of the content.
  • Quality links, content, and research.
  • Guides, E-books, embeds.
  • The social share parts.
  • The mobile-friendly parts.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Creativity.
  • Know people and customers.
  • Know the business offer.

This is the job description for a content manager.

What is social media management?

A social media manager focuses on the same things that a content manager does.

The difference is that those media managers can’t afford mistakes and must be good at their media job.

In other words, they must know in advance how to work with media and the business side.

What a media manager must know:

  • How to run Google ads.
  • How to run Bing Ads.
  • SMM = Social Media Marketing.
  • How to reply to customers.
  • How to campaign the business.
  • How to add media profiles with a business banner.
  • Know E-commerce.
  • Know sales.
  • Know how to advise.
  • Know how to mail.
  • Know the customers’ needs.
  • Know the business deals and offers.

These are the requirements if you want to start an adventure in media management. This is very time-consuming, and you have to be creative about this.

No mistakes.

When you have poor writing or have typos in your content and publish it without proofreading. The reader can get confused or leave your site forever.

The reason is that the user doesn’t come back to your site. Is that you publish wrong information or give poor advice. It means that in, Google you might get banned or have low traffic.

Plan ahead.

Do not forget that a media manager must take the daily task of getting in touch with the user. If you do them one by one, then you miss the point of media management.

The goal is to produce mass content for the user on each media platform where they are. This means that you must work fast.

Some of my favorite graphic design software are PhotoshopIllustratorCanva, and Invideo (get a 25% discount). That software has handy features to align, scale, and center to plan and create future-proof content. 

Canva has a great feature it’s, called the Canva content planner. (only available if you have a Pro account)


Editing means that your content reflects your brand identity. It covers the things like adding a snippet/tagline, and favicon. Anyway, the thing that makes your brand on target and easy for the user. 

Know media.

What a media manager must master is how to use the different media platforms to their advantage. Every media platform has a set of rules on how to integrate the media service.

You have to be smart with it because of how your content looks from a graphic standpoint. If you use text-based content, you end up with unnecessary text.

I mean, you can say a lot more with a great design, infographic, YouTube video, or Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest embeds.

Use social media guidelines. (from the media company)

Before you publish content to your brand’s social media channel, you have to know what the effect may be of that publication. How does the post come across- so think about it and decide if you want to continue? 

Set goals.

You may think, what does goal setting help me with being a media manager?

A media manager must complete media tasks, so you can’t do everything at once. Learn to split things out and know what works and what doesn’t. Below is a goal setting for a week-to-week. 

On Mondays.

  • Uploading to Facebook.
  • Replying to comments.

On Tuesdays.

  • Uploading to YouTube.
  • Replying to comments.

On Wednesdays.

  • Uploading to Pinterest.
  • Replying to comments.

On Thursdays.

  • Research and learn [for blogging].
  • Writing [in draft = as a test and have errors that need to be fixed]

On Fridays.

  • The blog or vlog is almost ready.
  • Fix past media errors on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and track progress. [Google Search Console, Google Analytics)

On Saturdays.

  • The blog goes live.
  • Learn. [digital and media marketing]

On Sundays.

  • Take a break from social media.

Set boundaries.

It may sound obvious, but media managers take their work at home. If you have a media page, then you must set some boundaries against the time-consuming effects. If you don’t do it, then that work can overload you in your free time.

Use social media software management. (Check the guide)

What media managers must have is the ability to give advice in a structured manner.

That must be easy and clear to understand from a beginner to someone who is at a pro level. The hardest thing to explain digital marketing concepts to someone afraid of digital marketing. 

For them, you must take the extra mile to make it simple. If you want to give media management a try and lack administration, you should opt-in for media management software.

That software gives you a head start and knows what you must pay attention to.

Best software guide from


Becoming a media manager demands that you learn new skills in advance. You must have media skills, to begin with, if you want to make it in digital marketing.

If you lack media skills and want to post selfies daily, then it isn’t for you. Media management focuses on the business, fun, and creative side where you must respect the company terms. 

Guides give you advice on where to look, so you don’t have to suppose or figure it all out.

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