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6 Tips To Declutter Your E-mail To Have An Free Day

7 tips to decluttering your email for an e-mail free day

(It should say 6 my design mistake.)

Declutter Your E-mail

We are spending more time checking e-mail than necessary.

Leading up to an Email-Free Day, you need to be aware of how to spend your time.

It’s annoying to be a slave to your own email.

In this blog post, you will get 6 tips on how to do that.

1. Choose a few mail moments a day.

Choose some fixed days to process your incoming e-mail. Immediately throw your spam mail in the trash and answer the mails within 2 minutes if possible.

If answering the mail takes longer than 2 minutes. Put it in your to-do list and plan for it when you decide to answer the question.

2. Sign out and close.

Most people have and leave their mailbox the whole day open. But then you live in your mailbox, and then you automatically check whether an e-mail has just come in by chance.

That’s your wasted time – you could easily make time for something educational. First, choose your mail moments and close your mail.

So log out and close your screen, including your computer. Don’t respond to the pop-up messages telling you to watch. If necessary, turn that off.

Learn to turn off Gmail notifications 👇.

Turn off Gmail notifications

3. Clean up and learn to archive.

Archive every mail that is over 1 or 2 weeks old. Unwanted e-mail that can be deleted you permanently delete.

If you have replied to an email, archive it so that it disappears from your inbox.

  • Archiving means that you will come back to it later, but only you are aware, not the sender of that mail.

Opening a letter, answering it, and putting it back in your letterbox that act makes no sense. But many people do that with their mail. 

Do not create many folders, but throw them together because, in mail systems, you can find them back by sender or keyword.

From that point, you will distinguish the mail from important and interested to unimportant and not interested.

A clear inbox is a clear mind.

4. Have an empty inbox day and routine.

My mail times are in the morning and evening. When I’m resting or eating, I don’t check it. 

You have to break the habit of checking your mail often by excluding it from your daily human and life.

If your day starts with an empty inbox or a few e-mails, you have more time and concentration for your day, and you can solve problems better.

This gives you an incredible amount of peace.

Smart Gmail Settings.

1. Unsubscribe from mail listings you never joined.

Newsletters in your mailbox you never read you have to unsubscribe or block the mail address. You have to scroll to the bottom of that mail to find it, click on the word unsubscribe.

2. Fewer folders.

I have divided my mailbox e-mails into payments, guest blogging, so I can move it to the desired folder and answer fast.

I do not recommend creating folders for decoration because that is not necessary.

The result of that is an unclear mailbox. It is better to make 2 or 3 folders with still to answer or longer than 2 minutes.

3. Automate mail to save time.

**** You can edit and change this Google-docs file.

5. Reply short.

If you need to answer the mail sender be short in your answer. Provide them with straightforward answers – so there is no room for confusion.

Learn to write short in this blog post.

6. Throw mails away that come in during your holiday.

When I’m on a break or holiday, my out-of-office notification is on. When I get back, I start with an empty mailbox. 

When your question is not answered, or you didn’t get a reply. Send a second mail. Do you recognize the awful junk mail pile?

Did you know that you can solve 80% of receiving junk mail with out-of-office replies? Throw e-mails that do not relate away with peace of mind.

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