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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mobile Blogging

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Mobile Blogging

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Hi bloggers and recent followers,

If you seek to grow your blog to be a legit multi-purpose blog. Then you have to consider mobile blogging. For example, you have to judge that a mobile phone has a tinier display, so not everything is wise to publish.

Every blogger wants to draw real readers and followers. And, if possible, get a broader target group and earnings at the same time.

Most mobile devices have a touchscreen. So posting content must follow those rules so that your content is displayed effectively. In this blog post, I explain the most essential parts when blogging for mobile devices.

What to pay attention to when you go for mobile blogging?

Almost everybody has a mobile device, and most of the time, they use their mobile to interact with their friends on social media.

But they spend little to none talking to friends face to face. Every mobile device has:

  • A smaller screen size  
  • Touchscreen
  • Social media interaction (chat service)
  • Share service
  • Upload and download service on the go
  • Image Gallery
  • Storage

This list goes on. I suggest going for the best smartphone.

If you need a good viewpoint about smartphones and what you need to pay attention to, then visit: 👇

To blog for mobile, you must use those services. Most people use only 2 or 3 ones.

You can do a lot when you realize how your image is showing up on mobile – you must check your gallery display.

How you share some topics with a description, check the sharing service and how it is displayed. 


  • Use videos.
  • Use images.
  • Keep it short.
  • Use simple language.
  • Use white space.
  • Use breaks.
  • Use paragraph.
  • Keep it modern.
  • Keep it engaging to view.
  • Keep it fun and interesting to view.
  • Keep a border space: this means the logo and design work about 2-5 pixels away from the end.
  • Use thumbnails image or banners.

Guideline how to structure the content for mobile

Guideline on how to structure the content for mobile.

Do not.

  • Use unfamiliar words.
  • Use rushing sentences.
  • Use only words.
  • Use boring content that is not interesting to view.
  • Use hard-to-read text.
  • Use complex and scientific text.
  • Use mistaken images that have nothing to do with your content.
  • Neglect thumbnails.
  • Write with no breaks or separation in your content.
  • Use long-tailed phrases.
  • Write too long beyond the touchscreen points. This is called infinite scrolling which has no ending points.

I use Canva for mobile design.

One of the best ways to create a mobile with ease is to sign up for Canva (pro). The most helpful part is the guides and rules for mobile are up to date. So you don’t have to remember the border spaces, because you don’t need to have design skills.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Mobile BloggingThe Do's And Don'ts Of Mobile Blogging


Blogging for mobile is a vital point in digital marketing. Many bloggers don’t realize how their mobile devices can grow, plus create a point of purchase around their blog and have a solid business. 

If you know a few things about how best to display your content to your target audience, then you better think about what you are going to publish.

If you use your cell phone just for chatting and social media fun or just swiping, you have ineffective operations. Use my ideas to get your blog ready for mobile users.

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