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What Are Do-follow or No-follow Backlinks Dead Simple Tips

Written by Radi from Keephumanity

do-follow or no-follow backlinks

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Do-follow or No-follow backlinks are words that say a link from one site to another site.

When we like an item on another site and we want users on our site to introduce to that item, then we pick a specific word that users can click on and take them to that item.

This whole process and connection are called a backlink.

SEO – represents the optimization of our entire content (starting from difficult, words, videos, etc.) and customization by Google and other search engines.

Since Google does not have an ear, eyes, or other senses, it can only recognize our content through logic and intuition. Now that we all differ in education, culture, experience, etc., we all have a different style of seeking, publishing, and displaying information.

Web browsers to understand what we are writing about had to create algorithms that would recognize our requirements. SEO is actually the adjustment of our content so that Web Search engines can come to the knowledge and understanding of our content as quickly and easily as possible.

Now that we know what SEO is, why is it good for us to know it? Because web browsers have algorithms that decide which content will be shown first among the hundreds of thousands of content offered.

The overall response of Web browsers depends on their database and the desired request of the web browser users.

As the web browser has a lot of options on offer for one answer to the requested user’s request, the answers (contents) fight with each other to be chosen as the best answer. What are the privileges of this?

If Google chooses your answer to the requested request (question on google), you will have a huge visit to your site and websites, which brings with it the possibility of increased earnings on your website.

Now that we understand how a web browser works then we are asked how to position ourselves on the first page of a web browser, and how do-follow or no-follow backlinks will help us.

Web browsers have algorithms that decide when and whose content will take precedence and be on the first page of google. Many factors affect the ranking, one of the most influential factors is the backlink.

We have two backlink divisions and these are divided into Dofollow and Nofollow. Below we will explain the differences between these two backlinks.
A no-follow backlink is a link that directs users from one page to another, and they are very popular in terms of increasing traffic.

The downside of the No-follow backlink is that it does not transfer DA and PA from one site to another. The next question is whether this means that our SEO rating is negatively affected? The answer is NO, DA and PA of the page will stay the same( same as before receiving the backlink).

How to recognize a non-follow backlink? We have two ways to recognize them, one is that Nofollow links are backlinks that have rel=” Nofollow” added in the URL and the second one is those coming from social media, Wikipedia, and bookmarking sites.

The best way to check the type of backlinks is to go to the site AHREFS and type a link to your website.

Backlink Checker ahrefs

Source image: ahrefs website

Dofollow backlinks are backlinks that mostly come from websites and blogs. These backlinks are transferred in addition to visitors to both the DA and PA websites.

If we were to translate that into the real world, that is a recommendation of the company( or famous person) that guarantees for you and Google that this type of backlink is very much appreciated.

This consists of all the backlinks as well as the locations they come from. For example, it is very important whether the backlinks are from social media predominantly, or from websites or blogs, etc.

If we were to compare it to the real world it is actually your profile man based on their friends. Of course, the more serious friends we have from serious social structures, the stronger our reputation. So if we have as many backlinks from websites and blogs, it is better than from social media or directories.

The same question is always asked, what profile should a company look like?
For the backlinks profile to look reliable in the eyes of Google (web search engines), it should have the most backlinks from websites of a similar profession as our website.

That doesn’t mean if it’s not that SEO will hurt, but it certainly won’t be the most reliable factor when it comes to search engines, so it probably won’t put you on the first page of Google.

To have an insight into what your backlinks profile is, look at the website Linkody.

Backlinks can be purchased online. Many backlinks vendors can be found on Fiver which offers different backlink plans. The quality of these backlinks ranges from many bad ones (so-called SPAMS) to quality ones even up to PA 90 and DA 90.

Some are more expensive, some are cheaper, and some offer up to $ 5.
This way backlinks can harm our SEO website if we do not distribute them wisely over time.

Also, always keep in mind that the backlinks come from a similar or the same industry as your website. These are some of the ways to avoid any Google penalties.

You can always buy and sell do-follow or no-follow backlinks on this website BACKLINKS.

Backlinks come from:

  1. Company websites
  2. Blogs
  3. Social media
  4. Article directories
  5. Website directories
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Review website
  8. Government websites
  9. Educational websites

When website owners recognize your item as very high quality. It often happens that the owners of these websites direct (backlink) their websites to these websites.

This type of backlink is the best for SEO because it recognizes that websites from your industry recognize your website as reliable.

The larger the DA and PA website that backs up your website, the more the DA and PA of the website will thrive.

Example Backlinks

Example of how backlinks look on websites. ☝

As with website backlinks, it’s the same with blog backlinks, only backlinks come from blogs. They are a little bit lower quality than the backlinks on the website. In fact, they are second in the quality of feedback.

Example of blog Backlinks on ahref

Example of blog Backlinks on website ahref ☝.

Social media backlinks are backlinks that come from social media to your website. For example, Facebook – when we publish a post on Facebook, it would be good if we added the URL of our website to that post. When that article is published, people start liking and sharing it.

The moment Facebook recognizes your article as useful, that person will recognize Facebook as the URL of the website to be recognized. Another way to get feedback from Facebook is for your page to have 2000 likes. Facebook allows you to manually link back to a website URL.

Every social media has different ways and conditions of getting backlinks. More about that in the next article.

social media backlinks

example- instead of in our case it will be (or some other URL address)☝.

In this case, everything is similar to website and blog backlinks except that the backlinks come from the URL of the site ending in GOV.
For example

5. Guest post backlinks

Guest post backlinks are a new technique of getting backlinks and very high quality. It is very simple, many BLOG websites offer opportunities for you to post your post on their blog. And they have two options here.

The first is that they open an admin backlink guest post account for you and you log in to their site as an admin with limited capabilities and thus publish your post. Another possibility is that you will send them your post via email, and they will review and accept and publish it on their blog.

To find BLOG websites on google you first need to type in the Google search engine “Guest post fitness (if your site is related to fitness if you do not choose the word that is closest to the content of your website).

guest post backlink

Guest post backlink ☝.

6. Wikipedia  

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia currently available on Google. It is an open-source platform (meaning everyone has access to the platform and can change the content). Backlinks from Wikipedia are super quality because they have high PA and YES.
How to get backlinks from Wikipedia?

What Are Do-follow or No-follow Backlinks Dead Simple Tips

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7. Bookmarks websites

Bookmarks website is a website where you can open your account and publish a post or ad for free. A backlink coming from such sites can bring us user traffic but not YES and PA of our website URL (will not improve your SEO URL)
You have thousands of such websites on Google to find just type bookmarks sites.

A backlink directory is when a backlink comes from a directory from one of the advertising websites. It means similar to the bookmarks website, but it does not come from our publication from those accounts, but from our open account on those websites or from the advertising space of those same websites.

How to get quality DO-FOLLOW backlinks?

  1. Find the right keyword for your website
  2. Then find articles that are welcome on Google and contain your keyword
  3. Make a post with richer content than these articles. A similar topic to the article, but therefore better, more precise, more detailed, more extensive content
  4. Find websites that have backlinked and offer to backlink your post as well
  5. Make a visual representation of the content of your article in the infographic, and offer people from your industry to link you back
  6. Send an email via MailTracker to see who opened your email

1. Find the right keyword (s) for your website

Here you must choose the right keyword for your website and article. If you choose a keyword that is already too busy, it will be very difficult for you to position yourself well on Google.

To find the right keyword, I advise you to install the Google Chrome extension Ubersuggest on your computer. Rather than Google clicking on that keyword how much it will cost you in case you pay Google for that keyword).

Keywords marketing

Keywords of marketing image.


We want to find a keyword that has at least 500 volumes per month, and be a CPC set of at least over $ 3. In that case, your competition won’t buy much, and on the other hand, the volume gives you a chance to google yourself on the first page at least once every 500 times a month. or website) on the first page.

  • Why does this matter?

You don’t want to fight a competition that has a much stronger DA and PA than your URL. If the first page is the average of all pages DA and PA 40 and 40 then you could be fighting for the first page if the DA and PA of your website are a minimum of 25 each. If they are much smaller, it will be very difficult for you to position yourself on the first page.

And at the bottom of the page once you install Ubersuggest it will show you suggestions of which other keywords you can choose which are actually synonyms for your keyword.

Marketing keywords CPC

Marketing keywords CPC.

2. After that, find articles that are welcome on Google and contain your keyword

Ubersuggest keyword browser

Ubersuggest keyword browser.

Once you find a keyword for your post, type in the Ubersuggest keyword, and on the left side of the page you will see the Content Ideas option, click on it and it will open the entire list of articles related to your keyword and the number of how many backlinks were directed to each item individually.

Now select the article with the most share on social media and with the largest number of backlinks. When you choose which article it is (link) then you are changed with step 3.

3. Make a post of richer content from other posts

Now that we know the keyword and we know the content of the competition article, then we make an article whose content will be better than the competition article.

  • My advice is to give the article a minimum length of 2000 words, say 40 paragraphs (paragraphs) to 15 headers (titles), 20 pictures, 1 or 2 YouTube videos, and 1 or 2 thoughts of well-known people. If you make an item like this you have a huge chance of being on the first page of google for this page or keyword.

4. See all the backlinks of your competition’s article that you have chosen in Ubersuggest

Now that you have written a post (article) competitive with your competition then click on the link option in Ubersuggest next to the competition article. Once you have looked at all the backlinks, click on them and go to their sites and find their emails.

Most often the emails are in contact us or in the website footer section. If you are not able to find the email in this way then install the google chrome extension Hunter and with it, you will find the email address from almost every website. Once you find the emails, send them all an email with a link to your post and ask them to backlink your post as well.

5. Make a pictorial presentation of the contents of your article in the infographic

Another way to get the attention of these same websites is to make an infographic of the content of the post. This is a very popular way to gain backlinks.

6. Email via Hunter app (free version)

HUNTER is one of the applications that enable a free email campaign.

Hunter dashboard

Hunter dashboard.

Shortcuts in SEO websites only exist if you decide to pay for the campaign. In other organic SEO is a slightly longer process but is very beneficial and rewarding.

Over 60 percent of users find a website through an organic search engine. So we advise you to dedicate yourself to SEO and do it properly or to pay an SEO agency.

Do-follow or no-follow backlinks are a very important part of the SEO of any website and our advice is that any SEO person can take seriously whether they can rank a website and the page is very high on Google.

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