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Choosing The Right Typography | Powerfull 11 Checks


Hi blogger,

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Let’s start at the beginning of blogging. The way how the reader reads or scans the content on your blog is how readable and accessible you display your writing.

The reader checks for: 

  1. Spacing.
  2. Correctness.
  3. Clarity.
  4. Delivery.
  5. Tone.
  6. Easy and simple reading.
  7. Fastness to read.
  8. Creativity. 
  9. New and fun to read.
  10. Height, size, and width of words.
  11. Weight of the words, some words have more reach and impact than others. 

That will result in choosing the right typography for your blog.

It’s not how many words that make the difference, but the impact and quality of them. Dropner Blog

What is Typography?

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and, appealing when displayed.

Source: Wikipedia

I go for the standard typography that also matches the font type.

WordPress offers us a lot of typography and font types. I advise you to choose the best one that matches your blog and readers.

Don’t use:

  1. In together words.
  2. Over-the-top bold words.
  3. Childish letters. 
  4. Old-fashioned writings (over 3-10 years old).
  5. Worn out words.

But if you want to do new things, then go to Google fonts.

The impact of typography.


The reason why some blogs are easy to read than others. Is that the typography matches the blog and reader.

Typography is a writing technique you can quickly master.

When choosing your words and letters, I suggest using the default ones as much as possible. 

If you decide to do more with letters then go for the best ones possible, also check if the text is easy and clear to read. 

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Before you publish, you might want to re-check your writing for tone, clarity, and correctness. 

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Choosing The Right Typography | Powerfull 11 Checks

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