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How To Market Your Content For Cheap | 6 Low Budget Tips

How To Market Your Content

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How To Market Your Content

Promoting and marketing your content doesn’t mean that you have to go to the bank. You can build awareness with some resourcefulness and diligence. 

Whether you’re a brand new business or a blogger looking for budget-friendly ways to promote, there are lots of creative strategies for getting attention.

Such as:

  1. Content Layout.
  2. Twitter marketing.
  3. Pinterest marketing.
  4. Instagram marketing.
  5. Social media plan.
  6. Logo design.

1. Content layout.

You have to learn to give your blog post a title including a catchphrase, slogan, and keywords to make the content appealing, and friendly for the user and search engines.

Get some basic knowledge about UI and UX design. 

Some people don’t know what a UI or UX means and don’t know how to use it.

UI means User interface/interaction design means how the user must approach your content. It doesn’t take rocket science to get the idea.

Use standard web layouts, to begin with. The menu must not be complicated but informative, inspiring, clear, and logical.

UX design means User Experience, this has to do with emotions, structured content, what a user knows of online concepts, and familiar content styles.

2. Twitter marketing.

The most common way to start a conversation with someone is by using tweets. Also, Twitter allows you to engage with your followers.

You say what you need effectively to your followers.

Start a conversation or join one using hashtags (#) for a large crowd or at (@) profile messages.

Do some hashtags research and attach the best one to your tweets.

Start with your marketing campaign on Twitter, to grow and gain loyalty by them. Dropner Blog

3. Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is all about visuals to get your content in front of the reader.

Showcase your pins and boards that relate to the viewer.

How better your pins, then how higher is the chance that your content gets more views, likes, saves, shares, or impressions.

For Pinterest, I schedule my content with Tailwind.

Do you want to be a part of my Tailwind Tribe to promote your content?

Contact me via the contact form to get invited.

4. Instagram marketing. 

How To Market Your Content For Cheap | 6 Low Budget Tips

Instagram (IG) lets you promote images through IG TV, IG stories, or DM.

It’s a great way to get your bio up! When someone goes to your IG profile, they see clickable links.

IG makes sure in a sharp way that your audience stays longer connected to you with their business tools, layout tools, downloadable tools, and other IG tools.

Don’t forget that paid promotion can be done with a Facebook account.  

Read more about Instagram marketing in this blog post. → Go here.

5. Social media plan.

How To Market Your Content For Cheap | 6 Low Budget Tips

When it comes down to social media, then you have to be mindful of what you upload. Also, be aware of the addiction it has on you.

The don’ts and do’s when creating a social media plan for your blog.


  1. Create Bio
  2. Link to your contact page
  3. Link to your offers.
  4. Represent and relate your profile and content to your target audience.
  5. Have a clear page profile that matches your content, customers, markets, and viewers.


  1. No Links
  2. No targeted content (selfie = no targeted)
  3. No offers.
  4. No way to contact them.
  5. Not writing a full bio.

6. Logo design.

A logo is your trademark, it helps others recognize and understand what you do.

A good logo must have a slogan or a tagline, and the colors must relate to your product or service.


How to market your content demands a whole lot of learning or development.

It doesn’t have to cost much cash to market your online work.

It’s best to learn the basics of marketing or follow bloggers that highlight that to point others in the right direction.

Also, getting a writer’s plan on Dropner Blog can help you market your future efforts.

Are you ready to get a writer’s plan for your blog?👉 Click to contact me.

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