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Hi bloggers,

You already know that it is extremely tough to promote the content of your blog.

When we rush to publish the blog, we forget the promotion side of it.

My opinion is that every blog post you publish on the internet must have the potential and chance to go viral.

To get your content viral, you must first create it. Twitter is a content search engine where you can start a conversation or join one.

Direct Marketing

Although were are all humans with the capacity to be excellent in creative works. With twitter, you can promote your work in front of a large crowd of people who are bloggers and are interested in it. 

Come in direct contact with me and ask anything.

  • Do you have a question for me? 
  • Do you want to co-market with me?

Tweet me.

You are wise to check their profile or follow them because you can get the right layout that allows you to promote content visually.

I don’t have Twitter 👉 read why.

Tips to promote your blog on Twitter:

  1. Link your blog to a tweet
  2. Give a description of your tweet. (keep it short and informative)
  3. Re-tweet other tweets on your profile. 
  4. Showcase your Twitter page profile on your blog.
  5. Follow others.
  6. Add new tweets regularly. 
  7. Check your tweet actual statistics.
  8. Analyze your tweets for a better understanding of where your tweet is best viewed and by whom.


Promoting your own works can be challenging on WordPress. Social media is hard, most media platforms have there own rules and guidelines when it comes to promotion.

To promote your content on Twitter for free, follow the 8 tips shown above on a daily base. 

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